Monday, September 25, 2017

NJM Last Pday in Corsica, September 25th 2017

Hi Mom! 

It was so amazing! The baptism was one of the coolest things ever! The spirit was so strong and wow just a great weekend even tho I found out I have to transfer and have to leave corsica and I’m really sad, but there was no better way to leave than that! I was crying when I bore my testimony on Sunday cause I’m going to miss these people and I thought I was going to be staying and they surprised us and now I’m going to Lyon. But I’m ready to continue to work hard and be the example to others. It was cool cause Corsica has really been exploding lately and I’m glad I was able to help!  It was so amazing that President Brown (Mission President) was able to come to Baptize Ghislaine!   Something I’ve really loved is that people always tell me my joyful spirit helps them a lot and that my smile and happiness is something they really noticed. Im glad to leave a mark on these people and I hope some day to see them again! 

Im doing good, I’m still sad to be transferring but I’m going to serve in Lyon and with one of my good friends in the mission Elder Sweet and I know that’s where I’m supposed to be so that’s so cool! 

Again, The baptism was amazing so we went to the beach early on Saturday morning to save a spot. And by that time people were starting to get there so we hurried before the naked people started to come,  It’s so bad here there are so many women that don’t wear there tops! It’s bad! So anyways we got all the chairs and stuff set up and then everyone started showing up, we sang, yes we sang when I am baptized for Ghislaine so that was good! And then President Brown and her went out into the water and it was so amazing cause he had to say the words so loud so we could hear but it was like the voice of like a angel if that makes sense and everyone on the beach stopped to look it was so cool! Then she bore her testimony after that and holy she had all of us in tears! It was so great! Then the rest of the day we hung out at her house with eveyone and ate and just had a good time! It was cool those pictures of me where from (presidents wife) sœur Brown and I didn’t even ask her to take them she just did!! She’s so amazing! It was just the best! And then the next day was just as good for the Holy Ghost! Wow! I am still in a loss of words! 
It was so cool having the president there he took us out to dinner and  his wife is just so cool and they love us so it was amazing! Ghislaine was even able to come visit with us for a while and she invited her friend and we got to talk with her it was awesome! 
I wish I had more time to write but it was overall such an amazing experience! I love that im here and I love these people so much! Im sad to leave but I’m glad to have known the people here and gain even more friends and love them! 
I love you so much mama! 
Have a great week! 
Wigity wigity wigity  

Monday, September 18, 2017

NJM Pday from Corsica France September 18, 2017

One HUGE Burritto!

Hello MAMA,
We had a really good week and a
lot of things are about to explode here in Ajaccio I think! We found
two new solid amis this week and also Ghislaine shares the gospel with
everyone! And she's so amazing! I really think some big things are
gonna happen real soon! Yep her baptism is on Saturday so that should
be fun to have a baptism on the beach we're gonna go all out! Ill make
sure to take lots of pictures! 
This week we had found a pretty good potential awhile back and then
we decided to passs by her (go see her) and see how she was doing, she texted us
that she wasn't interested but hey we passed anyways. And now she will
be coming to the baptism of ghislaines on Saturday and she's actually
really interested! She just heard a lot of bad things from her daughter
and then it scared her. So we went over and just talked to her and the
spirit was so strong ha(: it was really good!  

A scripture and a little thought from this week! Something that I've
realized is that the atonement is so real! And even when we fall there
is always a way to get back up! I know I'm not perfect but I'm happy
with the efforts I give and I strive every day to be better. Yeah i
fall sometimes and sometimes it hurts really bad! But I know that God
gave his son to die for us, but if you think about it he not only died
but he was resurrected. He lived a perfect life fell with death and
got back up and he lives again! I like making this comparison cause I
love sports like you know. And it's like famous rocky it's not how
many times you get hit but how many times you get hit and get back up!
Romans 8: 31 one of my new favorite scriptures!
" What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be
against us?"
I love you once more mama!
Wigity wigity wigity!
Elder McDaniel

Thursday, September 7, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, September 4th, 2017

Ghsliane, she will be Baptized Sept 23

Hello mama!
 We have been really busy with really
fun stuff lately as well! I miss peach days its weird to think that
ill be there next year for it! And that im already 60 percent done
with the mission! 
Im doing great. Yesterday we were on a walk with our amis Ghislaine
which was really cool it was just like we used to always do on
sundays,  im doing
really well! We have done lot and lots of service this
week which was really good! We helped a less active guy clean out his
house that he had to move out of! We did everything, painted the floors
and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms it was great! I love service!
The transfer day is the 25th two days after Ghislaine baptism!
She is doing really well! We were with her and a member and one of her
friends last night and she made us really good stuff and its was
awesome we went on a walk and she showed us the beach she wants to be
baptized at! So that was really cool! We have found a couple others
this week! We havent been able to have a lesson with them sense the
first time but we will hopefully soon! We're gonna be gone until
Thursday so that kinda hurts our week being out of ajaccio for that
But yeah this week went really well! It's been cool to see how as i
have accepted this opportunity to serve that God has given me the
abilities to do so! It amazes me still how i can even speak french and
that people understand what i say, ill tell you that is a miracle that
i can even do that and then on top of that teach people the gospel and
help other missioaries do that same all at once while taking care of
the members here! It's really cool how God qualifies us to his work!
That's my message for you this week! No matter what you do in your
life or what happens God has qualified you to go through it and to
make it out better!
I love you so much mama! That you so much for all that you do for me!
Im really lucky to have the best mom ever!
Elder McDaniel