Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, July 31, 2017

On the Boat To Nice France

On The Boat To Nice France

My Old Companion - Elder Sebra


Dabbing in Primary.

Car Accident

Sister Brown our Presidents Wife. She is AWESOME!


OK.........No group email again, but I'm going to  post some of my email.  He is doing so good and Loves Loves Loves his mission!

HII mom!!

 This week was pretty crazy....... Well we kinda got in a
bad accèdent our car is totaled but we are all alright it was just
the car that got destroyed! It could have been a lot worse than it is!
But that was crazy that happened wednesday and then we had to catch a
boat to go to Nice for conference which was really good we were there tell
Saturday so that was all of our week! But im doing good1 i have a
little trama in the car with driving really safe now casue i cant
drive anymore cause im to old in the mission and my thing expired but
yeah im alright!

Our investigators are doing really good! Well one of them Ghislaine is
doing really well! ! But Ghislaine
said one time this weeks she already knows that its true and she is so
ready to be baptized! It's amazing!

 We were really perfected in that accĂ©daient! It could have been really bad
and we really could have
died if everything wrong happened! But it didnt and we dont have any
injuries and we made the boat that same night, im grateful for the protections
the lord has given us and gives me every day! Everywhere i go! I know he is
real and i know that he sends his angels round about me to protect me
and i know they are my ancestors who are waiting for me to do there
work and baptize them, if you could get ahold of grandma love i would
really love to see and know more aobut my family.  So can you write her

and help me out with that! And also there is a
family here that they have a nice who is serving in the temple in st
george. And her parents are here this week visiting and they Weill be
there on sunday again! By the way we had 25 at church it was great!
But if you happen to go to the temple visitors center you should take
a picture with her and you can send it to me and i can give it to them
or something hahah! Her name is sister Amelia kimpe. Maybe that could
be a cool fhe you guys can do tonight who knows:) i love you so much
mom thank you so much for all that you do for me! I love you so much!
Thank you for your prayers and love!
Love elder McDaniel
Wigity wigity wigity

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