Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, August 7, 2017

Awesome Missionaries!

The Kimpe family from France (Visited Corsica and met Nicholas) their daughter is serving at the St. George Temple.  

Sister Kimpe and her companion sister Haralson,  They are French Speaking missionaries serving in St George.   Sister Kimpe's family went on vacation to Corsica and meet Nicholas so we decided to go visit her.
  Kinlee, Amy (my sister) Sister Kimpe, Sister Haralson, (me Ashlee)

Sister Kimpe and Sister Haralson (French Speaking missionaries at the St. George Temple)

Kinlee, Amy, Me(ashlee), Sister Kimpe, Sister Haralson,

No GROUP EMAIL AGAIN.  I'm posting some of mine!

And Hello maman! It has been a really good week the weeks seem to go
by so fast its so weird! I love fast sundays as well! They are always
a great day and even better with all the amazing testimonies that were
given ! We had the kimpe family there today again and they are the
sweetest people ever they were so touched by you and going to visit
and take care of their daughter, they brought a bag full of goodies for
us it was so sweet she started crying when i showed them the pictures
you sent me! It was great! Such a cool family!

It's so nice here! Even tho its hard work i love
it here! Yeah i think shes going to get baptized !! She is progressing
so much and knows that the church is true already! Last time she gave
us money cause she felt like she needed to give some to the lord and
then we taught her about tithing and she totally was loving it! She's
so golden its amazing! We were teaching her and its just so easy cause
she is so ready to hear everything we give her and she wants it!

Yeah we got a new car its a Nissan not, its so nice her name is noisette.
It's elder brown who has to drive cause i cant anymore im to old in
the mission! Once over a year my drivers thing expired! He has been on
his mission for like 10 months!
Yeah its so amazing all the things that we learn on the mission! Ive
learned a lot about just how to live alone and what works and what
doesn't and how to work with others but also on the side of spiritual
how to study the scriptures affectingly and how to share my knowledge
with others in a simple way in another language which is weird that i
can even do that! Hahah i love the mission its so amazing! Elder
battezzato going home makes me scared cause i know the time will pass
so fast! Like im just trying to work so hard i dont wanna waist this
time! So crazy! So many things to do!
Hahha I love you so much mom and thanks so much for all that you do
for me! I love you so mcuh!
Elder McDaniel 

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