Monday, July 10, 2017

NJM Pday from Corsica France July 10, 2017

This Trio Gets to stay together!  

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

look at the  BEAUTIFUL view in the background!


Nicholas didn't send out a group email again, so I decided to put some of the email he wrote to me.
He is so excited that he gets to stay in Corsica for 6 more weeks!!

Hello mama!
 I get to stay in Corsica for another Transfer!!!!!!!

 It's weird to think that skyler and Dylan are 18
and 15 Dylan can get his permit and skyler is an "adult" now! So
crazy! Im so glad that you had a great time in California cambria! One
of my favorite places in our great USA! 
yep the son wakes us up bright and early! The sun rises at like 5 and it
shines in our room every day so im still asleep but it tells me its
there every morning, and it just came from back home to wake us.   hahah!
!Im doing really well! This week has been crazy! We got stopped on the
road by a women who used to talk with the missionaries like a year ago
and now she wants to be baptized and she's started taking the lessons
with us already! She's really had a hard time and now we are helping
her back on the right track! She stopped us getting out of our car to
go to an appointment wednesday and then we saw her every day which is
awesome! She's so cool! Her name is Angela!  And now she's getting on
track to be baptized the 12 of august!  Such a blessing.
 There were 18 at church this week and i gave a talk on prayer! Haha i used some
of your talk in it as well and referenced you hah:) we had a couple
visitors so that was good!
 I really kinda have narrowed it down to what i think i
wanna do after tho. I really would love to be a councilor at a school!
Kinda like coach jon and he coaches at the same time and its a decent
job! I would love to mentor students and be the jon that he was to me
and loving me and always hooking me up but also on the side of a Coach
i really wanna be a coach! And i always would like to minor in
business or international business casue with my french that could
open up a lot of doors for that window as well  and me loving math
that could add into an accounting internationally or something like
that. But yeah those are my narrowing down thoughts!
This week was really good and we saw such a miracle with Angela! She
accepted baptism date so easy and is so egur to work for it! We have
been praying we would find a solid amis and we did! It was so amazing!
I love you so much mama! 
Wigity wigity wigity! Thank you so much for all that you do for me
mama! I love you so much!

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