Monday, June 26, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, June 26, 2017

Package from my family!  He is half way there 365 days!!!

I had to fly to Nice France to do my legality stuff.  

On my flight to Nice France!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

NJM from Corsica France June 22, 2017

Corsica France
Corsica France

He was in the Liahona!

He was in the Liahona!

Elder McDaniel, Elder Battezzato, Elder Brown

Elder McDaniel enjoying the Island!  

365 days ago this cute boy left on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have loved to see his growth and love for all people. He loves it so much and is doing so good! He is now serving on a little Island off of France close to Italy, called Corsica. He has fallen in love with the French, Swiss, Corsican and Italian people. WE sure do miss him, but he is doing a greater work as he shares his smile and the love of our Savior! We love you Elder McDaniel.   

He hasn't sent a group email the last few weeks so I am going to post some of my email. 

Hello mama!!!

I just wanted to say at first that i got my package!!!! And thank you
so much!!! I love everything in it!!! You are the best! Today has been
a good day!

Evething is going really good here were starting
to get new investigators and stuff so thats good we have been putting
lots of work in in finding! So thats good to see that some of our hard
work is starting to pay off!

On sundays we have sacrement and then 30mins of sundayschool and then
30 mins of the other classes but its all together every time!

We found like 6 new potential investigators/investigators this week!
So we killed it!

This week was really good we had an exchange in Bastia
this last week on wednesday and it was really good! Something that was
really cool we learned in district meeting was that you know how in
the videos of Christ when he was resurrected and how his cloths are
nice and folded from the tomb. Well elder battezatto was telling us in
the Jewish culture. If the master of the house left the table from
eating he would either leave his napkin all unfolded and messy meaning
that he was done and he wouldn't be coming back to finish, or he would
leave it folded meaning that he would be coming back to his plate.
This was so cool to me cause Christ is coming back and he knew it and
he left us so many signs to know it! I love how we are here as
missionaries to help people to prepare for the second coming of Christ
casue he is coming back!

Its been so crazy to see also how our branch and group are really
small and we are really involved in all the work with the members and
the order of the church! I have participated in things i never thought
i would have before! It's kinda cool to get this kind of experience!

Thank yo so much mama for all that you do for me! 
You do more for me than i deserve! I hope that i am making you
 proud out here and i hope you feel the blessings that i have this
 last year from this mission!
I love you so much mama!
Elder McDaniel
Wigity wigity wigity!

Envoyé de mon iPad

Thursday, June 8, 2017

NJM PDay from the Island of Corsica France, June 5,2017

No group email, so I'm posting some of my email!  He is answering my questions! :)