Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NJM Pday from the Island of Corsica France, May 29, 2017

The Island of Corsica!


I hope that you all are going good!!! It's been a great first week here in Corsica! You'll all be proud of me doing a weekly email two weeks in a row now haha!

Corsica is doing well! I love it here so much! It's lots of hard work just like everywhere else! But i love it so much! This week was Mother's Day here in france and i was as able to speak in church which was good! There was a total of 5 people there with two kids plus us and the President De Branch Mission couple. So that was a big difference from all my other villes but still it was so good!

Theres a scripture saying where there are two our more gathered in my name i am with them. And i know the lord is with us no matter the size of our Group, its not officially a branch but its a part of the Bastia branch which is like 3 hours away by car so were a group part of the Bastia branch haha so thats pretty cool!

 The work presses on and we do it loud and proud always! I can't believe how beautiful it is here! It's so amazing! 

One thing that i find really cool is no matter where you go in the world there is always someone there waiting to be touched by your light! I know my words aren't very long this week but it is important. Everywhere we go, we are sent to make a difference!

Make a difference the wise, Frère Vierat CHANGER LE MONDE 

I love you all 
Elder McDaniel   

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NJM Pday from CORSICA FRANCE!!! May 23, 2017

His new companions, he is in a Trio.  

Taking the Ferry on the Mediterranean Sea to Corsica. 

Ferry to Corsica

Ferry to Corsica!


I was transferred to Corsica, we got the call on Friday, Corsica is a small Island off of France close to Italy, we got our calls to the city of Ajaccio! It's so amazing here!! I got here today!!!  Monday I traveled on trains across France to make it to Toulon, where the Ferry was.  We took a Ferry across the Mediterranean waters to Corsica France, it took us all night to get here.  My new companions are Elder Brown and Elder Battezzato, we are a Trio!  It is so awesome here.  I was told that there is only 3 members here, I'm excited to get to work. 

I will miss the people of Bayonne, It was hard to say goodbye, especially saying goodbye to Domonique Moutrousteguy, the brother we just baptized.  He is such a good man and wants us to come back and visit. He told me I was part of his family.  I want to come back for his sealing.  

This last week with the temple dedication will be something i will never forget and be forever grateful to be apart of! It makes you think how lucky we are to have the restored gospel on the earth today! During the dedication for the Paris temple they really focused of the youth and how and why the temple is important for all of us and how when we go to the temple and we live worthy to go to the temple we are so blessed. 

My mom told me something really something i loved this week. 
She said that looking at the world, and then looking at yourself and how you are and where your priorities are and what your goals are and when you have the temple in your goals it gives you this safety and confidence. In this world of confusion and not very many people have this self mastery and self control that with God and the temple we can have! 

 I hope that you all had such a good week and i love you so much! I made it to the island safe and im pumped to start serving. 

Love elder McDaniel 

Monday, May 15, 2017

NJM PDay from Bayonne France, May 15, 2017

Skyping HOME!!!  

Staying Dry

Beautiful Bayonne

This Brother has been a member for 1 week!

 To all you mothers out there I hope you all had a wonderful day and I hope you have felt your loved!   What a week! We're just working hard here in Bayonne as usual haha(: tracking those miles in on the sneaks what better feelings than passing  along some JOY! Getting ready for the temple to be dedicated the people  here are totally getting prepared it's so cool to see. Even tho I wish I  could go see the temple myself, aka lucky Paris missionaries. I feel the  blessing of this temple all the way down here in Bayonne. Being able to testify of the importance of temples and why that has an effect on me  couldn't put a bigger smile on my face! I can testify that families can be  together forever! Our Recent convert my man Domonique is even getting ready
 for the dedication of the temple for this next sunday! What bigger miracle  can you see than that, an eternal family on its way! Such a beautiful  thing!  It was so good to talk to all of you those of you who were there during  skype call and i hope even if you weren't there that you know I love y'all  loads!! This week, do some genealogy! Find out more about your ancestors, I  promise you you will feel there presence as you do so! We may think the  work is all done, but we are wrong there are always ways to do genealogy  even be doing a journal! The small things really do make a big difference  in the end!
 Elder  McDaniel

Monday, May 8, 2017

NJM PDay from Bayonne France, April 8, 2017

Elder Nicholas McDaniel, Brother Moutrousteguy, Elder Duffy

Interview for Baptism Day!

They had a picnic outside after church before the baptism.  

Holà à tous! 
This weeks fun ended with a baptism! Domonique Moutrousteguy is the man that was baptized this Sunday so yesterday! What an experience! Last week he told us that he wanted to be baptized and he had gotten his answer to do so! He has been so ready all along I'm glad I was able to be here to witness his special day. For those of you who don't know what a baptismal program looks like here it is. 
We start by singing a song followed by a prayer to open the meeting. After there is usually some words by the bishop or the person presiding followed by a talk usually on what baptism is and what the gift of the Holy Ghost his. The two combined consists of the fist ordinances we do or promises we make with God. After, in our case we were able to both be in the baptismal font to preform the baptism cause he has some physical disabilities. I was the one who did the baptism.  But it was just such an awesome experience. It's so rewarding to see all the hard work you put in and you get to see the fruits of it. I really feel like this man i know I was sent here to the France Lyon Mission to help him on his road to salvation! For me even just helping him just a little bit was worth it all. Really it wasn't even us who did anything it was the spirit that when the time was right touched his heart, we just got to watch it all happen even better hahah(: But why is baptism important for everyone)? We learn in the Bible that Jesus showed us the perfect example of how to return to live with our eternal father and his son again. Tho sinless Jesus knew he must show the example for all of us. With Frère Moutrousteguy when he came out of the water not that he had changed as in who he was, more that he seemed just so clean and he just had such a glow like he had finally found himself through his first ordinance with God. It took lots of faith and trust and maybe even a little pixie dust but I know he will always look back on that day and know he made the right decision. It's not easy for someone to arrive at this choice it literally changes your life. But I know for those arrive to understand it's importance and are willing to take that leap of faith and trust in the lord they will never regret it. I love the mission and these experiences that I am able to be apart of! I love this gospel and all that it can bring to all of our lives! 
I thank all of you who pray for me and my well being and my family as well! I hope you have a great week! Mother's Day this week YAYAYAYAYA! 
Elder McDaniel 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NJM PDay from Bayonne France, May 1, 2017

A member gave them a HUGE pizza! 

The Church Building in Bayonne France

The Church Building in Bayonne France

I sent Nicholas this post that I sent to Mrs.Goetche his 5th grade teacher.

He didn't send a Group Email, so I'm posting his letter to me.  It might make NO since because he is answering questions that I asked him. 

Hello Mom!!
Haha that makes me happy I read your email the other day and i was
really thinking about that! Haha i dont remember when i did that but i
really think this is true. Just a smile could change the world! I have
been trying to change the world this week just with my smile! And we
were waiting at at bus stop and i notice that when i was just looking
at the people in there cars driving by as they looked at me I smiled
and its funny cause  a lot of people would smile back at me. And for
me to have made an impact maybe just the reaction of someone smiling
back at me could maybe change there life. And this concept will
forever change my life!
Something amazing this week that happened was that were gonna have a
baptism this next week on sunday! Yay! Our amis frere moustourguy he
is so cool he has been waiting for his answer for these last couple
months that we have been teaching him, in this last lesson we had with
him on tuesday he was touched and i asked him in the middle of the
lesson what he felt, and with tears in his eyes he just said, i feel
like something is pushing me to do this! WOW! So powerful to see this
happen first hand! And then he came to church and it was so amazing he
is so happy to be baptized!! Im so happy for him! I know this decision
will change his life forever and his wife's life forever!
Hahah Cami and her husband are super cool!
NO WAY!!! What the crap Quinton is getting married!  He
hasn't emailed me in a while! The last time he did he did kinda hint
it tho! That's so cool! I wish i could be there but im happy for him!
Way to go mama! Haha i miss football so much! Everyone here tells me i
need to play rugby cause im so strong! We helped a family move this
week and i moved the fridge by myself out of the truck and he was like
wow you need to really go play rugby and become pro hahah. It really
stresses me out i wanna play for dixie i need to send my film to them
have you got any info on that that maybe i could email someone or
something i really feel like its just apart of me. Ahah i know you
know that. Hah
Im doling really well! We are so busy its going good! It's so
awsome that in to weeks we get to talk! Yeah im doing well my heath
is good! No i havent really been sick! Im really doing good! I wish i
could really workout with weights like crossfit actually but i do my
best hahah.
The end of the transfer is the 22 my 11th month mark! No i have
vitamins thank you!
Yeah we will skype on the 14th! We're not sure where yet maybe at our
American families house we will see! I hope that she comes over to!
You'll have to invite her! Thank you mom! I love you lots!
Yeah we had a couple families feed us this week! It was good! Im
getting more really easy and good things to eat! Yay! I love food
hahah! One thing that will be hard to replicate is the pastries tho!
But i love you so much mama! Thank you so much for all that you do for
me! You spoil me so much and i dont really deserve it! But i know that
you do it because you love me! I hope to be the best parent ever like
Thank you so much mama!
Wigity wigity wigity!
Elder McDaniel

P.S.  If anyone is wondering what Wigity, Wigity, Wigity is:  It come from a cartoon that Nicholas used to watch when he was little called Rocket Power, the main characters would wiggle their fingers  together and say Wigity, Wigity, Wigity (it was kinda like a handshake or High Five)  Nicholas and I used to do it when he was young.  ;)
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