Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NJM Pday from Bayonne France, April 24th, 2017

Elder McDaniel, Brother Ellis from Idaho, Elder Duffy

Elder McDaniel, Brother Ellis, Cami Ellis, Elder Duffy

A little note from me, MOM!

The most wonderful thing happened Sunday, April 23 at 8:15 am.  I got a wonderful text from Cami Ellis from Idaho.  She said that she and her husband were in Bayonne France and loved running into our missionary Nicholas at church while they were on vacation and as a bonus he was giving a talk 😊.  She said that her husband was a missionary in France 20 years ago and they were there visiting areas he served and touring and ending in Versailles for the Paris Temple Open House.  She said Nicholas looked so very happy giving his talk (because she had no idea what he said because he was speaking in French) ha ha  She said her husband said that he had a very good accent and is speaking the language very good, and she said they were hoping to take them to breakfast the next morning.  She didn't know this but Saturday night less than 12 hours prior I was on my knees asking Heavenly Father to send someone to our Son and his Companion to feed them.  Monday she texted me again telling me that they ended up getting together for lunch and they loved spending time with Nicholas and his companion Elder Duffy, and that he is amazing and has a tenderness about him that is noticeable.  She said they could have easily spent the rest of the day with those 2 young men.  She said that it might be the highlight of her vacation so far.  I am so grateful for Cami giving them love, buying them food, and taking the time out of her day to contact me and send me pictures and above all answering my prayer.  I will never forget her.  I love these tender mercies that we receive!  In his letter he also told me that a Peruvian family had asked them to dinner also!  The blessings keep pouring in!

Hello mama!,
I had a really touching moment this week that i really noticed
out of any other! I dont know the whole situation it was at home when
we lived in the White House in hurricane when we lived there but i
know that we were poor. I know that cause one time i saw you putting
the powdered milk in the half used milk container. And grandma would
give me milk containers and food to bring over to our house. But i
remember one time i saw you putting the powdered milk in or something
and i never really thought about it again, but now i think about it
has touched me so much more that we didnt even have enough money for
milk and you were always willing to pay your tithing and our lives
were just normal as ever. The memory came back and i felt inspired to
share it with our investigator who might have problems with it and
doesn't see the importance cause they are not as well off. But I was
just crying telling it and the spirit was so strong and he looked me
in the eyes after and he said i will and i have felt your testimony of
the things you have just said! It was something i will never forget!
Im so thankful for this mission. We went out again with the American
family from Idaho the ellis family, they were so cool and nice
and he was telling us that the
mission doesn't always seem like the easiest thing
 but i know that for me it has made me so
greatful for my family more than anything in the whole world. I love
you so much mom! I love you and the family so much more than you know.
I know i was a fart growing up and it was hard for me sometimes,
but i am greatful for the family that we do have and that we were
sealed for time and all eternity as a family.
I love you so much and thanks for all you do for me. Love you
Wigity wigity wigity!
Elder McDaniel

Saturday, April 22, 2017

NJM Pday from Bayonne France, April 17, 2017

Hello everyone! Happpppppppppyyyyy EASTER 🐣 

Things are going really well here, I know I haven't really been doing well on my group email lately sorry haha. But these last couple weeks have been great. For me it feels like time is going by pretty fast here in Bayonne! We are really trying hard to work with the members in getting referrals and also helping some less active families get back to church! I mean all in all it's missionary work wherever you go and I'm loving it! 

One miracle we had this week was we are working with this member family who has a son who is 18 and less active. So we wanted to work with him and the parents wanted us to come workout with him and after we did a spiritual thought but for the afternoon on our p day we hung out with him and got to know him and really just be his friend. But the part of this Experience that I just really reflected on was we did squats with him and ran up this hill, after let me tell you our legs and our body's were finished! We thought it was bad right after but two three days into the week we were really feeling it. For me as an athlete I loved working out and lifting weights but I really haven't been able to lift weights for my whole mission, so it was a little harder and the aftermath hurt a little more. And I thought about it actually just barley reflecting on our week that's how it can be for people who once knew the church or are going less active. This thing you are so used to doing and then you slowly just stop doing it, once you go one day and really do it or get back into it the next couple days you really "feel it". And that's why it's important to have a constant schedule of working out just once every blue moon it's easier to say well that hurt im gonna rest a while before trying again. NO! My trainers always taught yes rest is good but consistent effort is what builds us into the fine sculpted beings physically and spiritually in this sense. And when I look at the work we have been doing here I feel proud to say we are trying really hard to help these people have these consistent efforts in working out out there spiritual body's. I miss working out like I did before but I know as I keep my constant effort in nourishing my spiritual body and my physical body it will be a lot easier when more weight gets put on, if you can see what I'm trying to say! Haha

But besides that, this week we are continuing to work with Frère Moutourstguy who is really super cool we're trying really hard to get him ready for baptism before the temple dedication cause I know that will be such a special moment for everyone who is watching and everyone in France. And this week thinking Easter, i know that through all that Christ has done for me i can have the strength it takes to take on the extra pounds and to become stronger every day as i try my best to work myself out spiritually and also physically! I hope you always remember the significance of the sacrifice and not just that of the resurrection of our brother Jesus Christ! 

I love you all have a great week! 
Elder McDaniel 

Monday, April 10, 2017

NJM PDay from Bayonne France, April 3, 10, 2017

Bayonne, Aquitaine
This Cute Elder

Bayonne, Aquitaine

Bayonee, Aquitaine

I sent him bubbles!
His FAVORITE thing...... quiche! 

Toulouse - Bonnefoy

Watching Conference

Zone Conference! He is 3rd from the back on the left!


Bay of Biscay
Bayonne, Aquitaine Beautiful Streets

Sister Magda Gomes Moura and her beautiful family.  Nicholas was teaching this family in Switzerland!

Sister Magda Moura sent me this picture of  the girls Baptism Day!  

Nicholas didn't write a group email again, but he did send me lots of pictures, so I'm going to post some of the emails from the last two weeks to me.  He is answering all my questions so it might be hard to read.   He is doing so good and loving his mission and loving the French People.  

Monday April 3, 2017  - Conference
 Hello Mama!!!
Yeah conference was so good. I was actually going into it with a question and I really feel like I got an answer which was really cool! I think i told you but elder Sabin came to our mission and i got to meet him in person and talk with him. It was so awesome listening to him talk.  He came last year around Christmas time it was really good! 

 Elder Duffy eats really healthy. And we go running a lot almost every morning so that's good. ! We have been so busy since the beginning we got here. Which has been really good! 

But we're doing lots of great work here! This week we watched the Saturday morning session at the church in english at 6 and then on Sunday we watch the rest of them except the sunday afternoon it was like 8 hours of straight conference it was great! Yeah its the same as back home they dont have church cause the first session is the priesthood that started at 11 and then the next one started at 2 and then the Next one started at 6. My favorite talk was form Neil L Anderson, this was the talk that really answered my question. It talked about how we can be sure of our decisions through Christ and when we make choices that help us on his eternal plan for us. It was something beautiful for me! I love you so much mama! I hope that you know how much i love you! Thank you for all your prayers and looking out for me! 
It's not always easy but those days when I think i cant, i get one of your emails and it helps me get along the day. I love you mom.
 Wigity Wigity Wigity 
Elder McDaniel 

Monday April 10, 2017 Easter Week
Hey mama!
Happy Monday!
Yeah im going to read these events this week to prepare also for
Easter Sunday! 
We are both staying in Bayonne! It's a blessing and
 I'm really excited to continue working here with elder Duffy.
We have been teaching like 4-5 people pretty regularly so that has
been awesome to have things to do! It's not as fun when you are always
just finding people.
I have been praying for grandma and I hope that everything goes well
with her surgery and she heals fast!
We fast for 24 hours we start Saturday night and don't eat
tell sundsy night again (:  we are teaching 5 people right now three
of them are in the same family the Sanchez family, they are really
It's funny that you ask that actually cause i really just had a dream
in french last night! Hahah i dont speak only french in the
dreams it's just there is a part of them that are french haha. But
pretty often they are like that where there is at least a little
french in them haha so thats pretty cool! The language still seems
pretty hard at times but i just love the people as much as
possible and then i know that the lord will help me with the rest
including the language! It's amazing to see the progression in french
that i have seen in just a short 9 months. Sometimes
i sit at night thinking what diffrence have i made in this work, and
then i look back and the progression ive seen in me and former
investigators and people i helped reach the happiness on this gospel
and i can pray and feel this accomplishment as i try every day to work
my hardest in inviting people to follow christ!
Thank you for all you do for me mama! I love you so much more than you
know! I was talking to my mission president two weeks or so ago and i
was telling him how awesome my mom was, and he was like i know that
you have the best mom and I would love to meet her some day! You are
something super special to me mama i hope that you know that!
I love you so much! Thank you so much for the package to i got it today!!!!
Elder McDaniel
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