Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switzerland, February 20th 2017

Lutry, Vaud Switzerland 



Elder Kahn and Elder McDaniel 

Beautiful Swiss

Elder McDaniel - Swiss

Murten Fribourg

Message to Jackson for His Birthday!

Elder Warner and Elder McDaniel - Ice Skating

The coolest ever, he ran into a family from New York City while Ice-Skating.  They had fun talking to them. 

He found a member that looks like him.  He was so happy! In Villarzel & Payerene

Nicholas didn't write a group email this week so I decided to post the pictures he sent and part of the email he sent to me.  

Salut Mama!

Dang thats so crazy your baby boy my man Jackson is already 14!!  It's so weird
everyone is getting older and taller and everything! It's going to be
weird when I get back and no one is how they were when I left hahah!

Im doing pretty really good! I cant complain! Im trying my hardest to
be the best missionary I can! Sometimes it's hard to obey all the
rules perfectly but as I try I know the lord blesses me!

 I still wish i could speak French better but I'm trying my
best! And I know when I talk the spirit carries my message across.
Yesterday we were at our ward mission leaders house and we gave a
lesson and his wife was like wow you guys have such a strong spirit
like I feel the spirit but with you guys I really feel it, I thought
that was cool!

This will be my last week in Fribourg so that's pretty
weird, it has been great here.  

Jolie is doing really well she’s coming to church with her family and
the baptism is set and everything she's doing really well! It's been
really cool to help her get this far im super sad that I can't be here
to baptize her! :(

We actually saw Victoria at church this week and we have
 an appointment with them this Wednesday! Yay!!

I love you so much mama! Thanks for all you do for me! I hope im
making you proud out here!
I know the Lord is blessing our family while I'm gone! I get to tell
our story of us getting sealed very often and I love it cause I love my
family lots!
Love you mama
Wigity wigity wigity
Elder McDaniel
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Monday, February 13, 2017

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switzerland February 13, 2017

Elder McDaniel & Elder Warner

Hello everyone!

 I hope that you have all had a wonderful week! I know
you all have been dying to hear from me hahah, wow im so cocky but no
, this week has been a really good week and i cannot deny the power of
God in my life! 

So update on Jolie who is the little girl who we have
been teaching, she is planning on getting baptized the 11th of march
which is so awesome, im super bummed that im not gonna be here to do
it, cause she originally asked me to do it but they had to change the
date cause her dad couldn't come! :( but still she going to get
baptized and she progressing really well so thats what matters! 

It was cool this week again we got the opportunity to use our priesthood in
giving a blessing, i know that with the power of the priesthood
anything is possible! I don't know about you but when i hear that
phrase i here Kevin Garnett saying it after they won the NBA finals
hahah, but it is so true! With the power of God anything is possible
and im lucky enough to hold that power and to share it with others
when i can! 

One huge thing id like to share with you always this week
is the huge blessing of the having families and temples in our lives
and it's available to us today and all the blessings that come with that!

Im going to attach a video and i want you to watch it, i doesn't say
much but what we feel when we watch it is what matters most. I want
that to be the focus of this week, that as we build our families we
will have more happiness, peace and joy then we have ever felt.
i work every day to make my family proud
and to make my future family proud as well! 

I love you all and i hope and i promise you that if this week as you work on
 building your families that you can feel this happiness! I know its not much this
week more of my testimony than anything but the work is going well
doing all we can to help eternal families!
I love you all

Elder McDaniel

Monday, February 6, 2017

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switzerland February 6, 2017

Salut everyone!!!!

This week has been really amazing and lots of Mini and grand miracles
have been happening, but when you step back they are all huge

Monday: it was pretty good day we started an exchange with Renens
today and we had dinner with the crouet family and a little family
night it was lots of fun! We missed our bus so we enjoyed walking a
couple kilometers in the rain! Haha

Tuesday: we went on exchange with the elders of Renens which went
really well! Exchanges are good casue we can see more elders and
really use the other elders to visit single women and really be super

Wednesday: Our amis Jolie who in fact is en train to be baptized on
the 19ths mom has a food truck and she invited us to come over and try
it out close to where the church is so we went and got some really
really good free Mexican food, real Mexican food it has been a while!!
I miss Alberto's hahah. I hope it's still there when I get back!
Hahaha but this family is the Helfer family who are a part member
family the mom is a member but was less active when we started working
with them and through her we have been able to invite her daughter to
be baptized and reactivate he as well! Soeur Helfer stresses out super
bad and it's been really cool just how the baptism and gettin
everything set and fixed has been going super well and she's been
doing much better with not stressing out so much! We also were given a
great idea by a member who is our really good friend Frere crouet, he
gave us the idea with the people here in suisse they do not like being
bothered or if the were to be more open they want something more
fixed, so we passes out these cars to this neighborhood telling who we
are and what we do and that we do service and stuff and a date so they
know when we're coming back to try to Porte them, we will see how that
goes! I thought I never would say it but I miss those hot summer days
when I first got to the mission porting in Gex, now it's just cold
porting hahah. But still always a party!

Thursday: Elder Warners first district meeting and he was stressing
out major which was kinda funny but he did a great job! We talked
about our purpose here as missionaries which is to teach repentance
and baptize converts, but it all begins within ourself, if we are
going to teach repentance we must practice repentance, as a kid you
always see the atonement or repenting as a bad thing but really its
such a beautiful thing. David A Bednar said if we understood the power
of and ability of repentance we wouldn't stop sharing it with people
or something like that haha. But first it starts with me! We also were
at another part member family's house and engaged our amis Edsen to be
baptized and he accepted its not tell march but, now we have something
to work towards! Im so happy for him and his decision.

Friday: Part member family's are a lot of our work here in Fribourg
and we had another family who we gave a blessing to last week to the
mom Soeur Crauza who invited us over to eat and teach her husband who
I think is getting really close to be ready to have his heart really
touched by the spirit! They have been married close to 20 something
years and it's coming little by little! In the soirée we had a
priesthood activity where we played a game call ware wolf in english
but it's super fun and lots of non members and less actives came and
we made pizza for them! It was great!

Saturday: I don't know why but as a missionary one of my favorite
things is when our work includes physical challenges like snow rain
wind cold and it's kind of a grind to do the work, maybe that's just
the football player in me but today it was rainy and snowy for a while
and it was great we were passing people and it went great! It was
funny we had a potential who we found but the house we found was a
Catholic Church haha, I'm thinking he or she is not interested anymore
ahaha. They weren't there or we would have still talked with them
haha. While helping with the priesthood thing the other night we got
invited to have a family night with the crouet family who are super
awesome, we gave a message which was centered on Alma 26:12 I don't
wanna spoil it for you you gotta go search and apply it to you! It's
in the Book of Mormon, I invite you to write me what you thought about
the scripture!

Sunday: A really unique thing happened today our Fribourg Branch
became a Ward! We had the Sake people there and we got a new
bishopric! It was such a cool experience! I don't think I'll ever be
part of one again cause it's so rare but It was so cool! I think this
was the miracle of the week that I was able to be part of this unique
experience! It's kinda cool to see how it's bringing the ward now
together and they really really need that here! And it snowed all day
so we shoveled some snow for our neighbor Soeur Künzli which was fun,
she has a lawnmower with a snow plow on the front I really wanna drive
hahah, but we just stuck to the shovels hahha. This week has been
great tho! Thank you all for all your prayers and everything! I hope
y'all have a good week!

Elder McDaniel