Monday, January 30, 2017

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switerland, January 30th, 2017

Elder McDaniel and Beautiful Fribourg!

Beautiful Fribourg!

Beautiful Fribourg!

The Crouet Family and Elder McDaniel and Elder Warner!

Bonjour a tous!

Sorry ive been kinda bad these last couple weeks with he group email i
know you'll forgive me tho ahaha.

 This weeks has been a great new
start with my new companion and this great work! My new companions
name is Elder Warner. He is from Washington and he has only one
transfer left after this one so only 11 weeks left for him. He's super
kind and great missionary!

 This weeks miracle came from giving a
blessing this Sunday. It was to our neighbor soeur Kunzli, she is
super awesome she is very sick and she just needs the help right now
and i just know the power of the priesthood that i hold is something
not of this world and it comes from God, this power is really the power
of God. What an amazing opportunity for me to serve others and be
worthy when im called!

This week this is what happened!
 Transfer day, we went to Geneve on Sunday night to stay at the Geneve
Zone Leaders house. It was super fun being back in Gex sector cause i
know that area so well! Its so nice! Its my dream to go back there my
last couple transfers to go back and baptize Natasha and be there with
all my Gex ward families. So we were in Geneve all day and when we got
Elder Warner we just went home and the day was about over hahah, we
actually got to go to Val Thory the mall where we would go in Gex
every P-Day and i went there with Elder Arne who was with me in
St-Genis. So that was super cool to be back like i said to somewhere
where we know so well! It felt like we never left! I was hoping so bad
to see someone there but we didn't! And the sales or so cheep in France
for Soldes where everything goes on sale for really cheep so that's
 We had no time to do anything we had some work to do in the
morning and afternoon we taught a member Frere Bloch and passes some
other people we took time to got some groceries and emails and stuff
like that!

So that's a little how my last week went cause I've been so bad at
writing my group emails.

This week has been great and really have seen some real change of
hearts of people and real cool miracles! This week we did service for
one member of our branch who is in really big need of help, she's
going through a lot of things with her two boys and she just needs
lots of help so we went and cut wood for her all day long hahah. But
anyways I love doin service for people it's the best!

This is my last weeks stuff but this week will be included by my mom to
all of you so she's send out another email for me! I'm doing really
well and I'm so thankful for all your prayers in my behalf and i love
you all so much! Next week we'll be all caught up and the emails will
be caught up! Love you all and have a great week!

Love you all,
Elder McDaniel

Nicholas is doing great!  They set up a baptismal date for a little girl named Jolie, and another little girl Victoria is getting closer.  He prays that all goes well and that they continue to progress.   He is so excited to be a missionary!  He loves you all!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NJM PDAY from Fribourg Switerland January 17, 2017

We received NO group email from Nicholas this week because of transfers, but he is doing OH SO SO SO GOOD!!!!!  He DID receive a new companion Elder Warner.  He is so very happy and excited to work hard and be HAPPY and serve the Lord these next 6 weeks in Switzerland.  We are so grateful for happy and hard working companions.

Here are a few pictures that he sent.
New companion ELDER WARNER! With Elder McDaniel. 

Suits are getting a little small.  He is so happy because he thinks he is growing. 

Sister Beatty, Elder McDaniel, and Elder Loveland in Geneva for transfers.  Sister Beatty's relatives are from Hurricane, and it was fun to see his old companion Elder Loveland again.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NJM PDay from Friborg Switzerland January 10, 2017

Gruyeres Medieval Castle in Switzerland .  The maze is cool hedges. 

This is what is looks like in the summer!  

I don't know what's going on here!  :) 

Coucou everyone!

Hahaha, This week has been Alright, things are for sure going better,
but man am I ready for transfer call this Friday! Haha. I can't
complain tho, I love how my man Spencer who wrote me and said the only
trials that are to big are the ones we give up on! And that's so true!
I found just in general when we are able to find the good in every
situation even tho we may get weighed down we are still able to charge
the mountain with our chin up!

It's getting pretty cold here and snowing a little and coming from
nice moderately warm winters in Hurricane to freezing cold winters
here where it's humid cold and freezing cold wind it's a little
different haha. I love the Mormon message about the rugby player who
stopped and waited on his career for rugby to serve a mission, in that
video they are walking in the snow at night trying to contact these
people and knocking and just hoping to get in out of the warmth and
share the true warmth of the gospel. It hit me as we were walking in
the snow the other day pretty cold contacting this old man in the

 Man missionary work is kinda how I pictured it in some ways
haha. And all these moments are helping me be a better me, I'm so
thankful to be here! This weeks "miracle" or most touching moment to
me was a man who had nothing but 5 dollars to get into Europe and lots
of faith, and turned his life around having 2 kids of his own an
apartment and a job, but he said the most important thing in his life and
has been since the beginning was knowing God was by his side through
all of it. That really touched me cause his story is pretty crazy but
just to see the lords hand in his life and how thankful he was for the
gospel was a miracle to me in itself! I think we all can learn a
little from him!

Monday: P-day nothing to special just kinda chilled out  for the day.
After p day was over we had a lesson with one of our part member
families who the daughter is on track to be baptized soon hopefully!
So that should be exciting! It's fun teaching kids cause it forces you
to teach so simply and i love it.

Tuesday: We were on exchange today and I was with a bleu! That mean
like a really new missionary! It was really fun, he had been having
some problems with his comp a little so it was good just to talk to
him about it and just let him get his feelings out for the day. We had
a couple lessons to, the two lessons we had were his 3rd and 4th
lessons he has ever taught or something like that in his area he
doesn't teach very much! Oh how I know that feeling to well! I miss
Gex so much! I really hope I get to go back at the end of my mission!
That would be so cool!  But he did really well! His companion is
French and only speaks French so he has to speak French with him so
that's helped him so much with speaking and he's just got a good drive
to share the gospel!

Wednesday: She calls herself our Chilean Mama hahaha. This less active
family we have been working with loves us a lot and she has been
inviting us over for dinner for the last 3 weeks and now is doing
missionary work through it so that's awesome! But she's been giving us
Raclette its so good but so filling! And Tuesday night we had planned
to teach them the plan du salut but I was laying in bed and i felt we
needed to talk about temples so I tied temples into the plan du salut
or plan of salvation. Sorry haha. But we taught them the lesson and
they felt pretty touched by it cause they knew they needed to go to
the temple but haven't been in a while! So that was cool!

Thursday: District meeting in Lausanne took up like the whole day we
got done then headed back to a members house who invited us over. We
got there and got talking and I was just trying small talk and got
talking about how this member could speak like 7 languages! Holy!
That's pretty impressive! Everyone here at least speaks two its weird!

Friday: Weekly planning, weekly planning weekly planning. Okay haha.
We had found a new amis the other day and we're going by to teach him
and give him a Book of Mormon im his language, so we get there and get
talking and he's Muslim and our rule as a mission is we're not allowed
to teach "mnms" is what we call them, I was like crap well that
sucks hes super cool to but we can't teach him. After him we went to
teach Paulo the one with the cool story and his son Edsen.

Saturday: Pretty normal Day, we gave out a Book of Mormon while
contacting which was cool! 👍 and did some passes and some more
contacting and more passes haha.

Sunday: church was pretty good! There were actually people there so
that was nice! It's funny there is this family in the ward who has a
couple young men and one of them I think he's 15 invited his
girlfriend to church today haha what a stud haha. Besides that really
another pretty normal day passing members and potentials.
Well y'all I hope you have a good week! Thank you for all you go for
me In supporting me in this great work! It's not always easy but
always worth it!

Elder McDaniel

I was able to go to this cool Castle a Medieval Castle called Castle of Gruyeres.  I have attached some pictures!  It was awesome. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switerland January 2, 2017

From Elder McDaniel with No S at the end.   :)

Heading to the Chocolate Factory!  

Chocolate Factory

Hello everyone!

Happy 2017!!!!!!!!!! Wow! So crazy it's already here!

I hope you all are making goals that you can have for the next year
and look over the goals you made last year and see how many great
things you did!

The Miracle this is a simple message. A message that as missionaries
we come to know by heart. The Restoration or the Retab as you may have
seen me call it before. The Retab is a lesson we all can come back to
and learn and grow and strengthen our testimonies. This week we shared
the Retab with a less active family keeping them super involved and
asking a lot of questions and to be honest they were asking a lot of
hard questions that I really didn't know the exact answer to,
something about how the Inca civilization was super good and then it
like just broke and they were kinda getting of track and i tied it
back into the lesson somehow, and how if God does call prophets and if
he called Joseph smith to be a prophet of God then we have the true
church of God and if not then we wouldn't be here as missionaries and
they wouldn't be members. It all came down to one thing the very base
of our testimony. It's very easy to get sidetracked and find very
different thing in the church wanting to know all or feeling like we
don't know enough, but if we come back to one thing if Joseph Smith
prayed to God and God and Christ talked to him back and called him to
be the prophet, that's all we need to know if that one thing really did
happen then all the rest is true. I love teaching the restoration for
that reason, it brings us back to why we belong to our church. That's
why I'm here. I may not know all about the church and I may not know
the most about it, but I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and he
restored the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to the earth.
That much I do know.

But let's get to the week shall we😊

Monday: We were able to go to this super cool chocolate factory! This
person has been making chocolate for longer than our church has been
around 1819 haha holy cow. Cailler is the name if you wanna look it

Tue: We've been teaching a member of our ward just to help him out for
a while now, and we taught a cool lesson on how we can receive
forgiveness of our sins! After that all of our lessons we had canceled
so we planned to pass by some members and talk with them and some
potential Amis. We passed this member who has been sick and had
surgery and stuff and he's just gave us an inside scoop of everything
in the branch that's been going on! So that was cool, I think we were
inspired to go talk with her! She was super nice she was all alone but
we just talked at the Porte. Sorry door haah(;

Friday: The Miracle day with some yummy food! Raclette! Look it up
it's the best!

Saturday: Exchange with the Renon Elders I was with elder Kahn! He's
super cool! We talked all day about vampire diaries and sports and
music! Hahah we did do missionary work to don't worry! We went to a
part member families house and did some service and then gave a lesson
the Helfer family, they have a daughter who is not yet baptized and
she really wants to and the dad said we can do it so we're gonna
schedule the date and everything today! Her dads not a member either
her mom is tho! Super cool!

Sunday: Church! Not lots of people have been there cause of vacation.
But I passed the sacrament and when they went to bless the water,
there were cups in the tray but no water hahah so me and a young man
ran out filled them up and continued with sacrément haha. After Elder
Romero has been sick so we just talked with members tell they left and
then went to the apartment!  Nothing to crazy! Haha

I hope you all have a wonderful start of the new year! And shout out
to all you! Cause you all deserve a shout out haha. I love you all!
Elder McDaniel