Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, August 7, 2017

Awesome Missionaries!

The Kimpe family from France (Visited Corsica and met Nicholas) their daughter is serving at the St. George Temple.  

Sister Kimpe and her companion sister Haralson,  They are French Speaking missionaries serving in St George.   Sister Kimpe's family went on vacation to Corsica and meet Nicholas so we decided to go visit her.
  Kinlee, Amy (my sister) Sister Kimpe, Sister Haralson, (me Ashlee)

Sister Kimpe and Sister Haralson (French Speaking missionaries at the St. George Temple)

Kinlee, Amy, Me(ashlee), Sister Kimpe, Sister Haralson,

No GROUP EMAIL AGAIN.  I'm posting some of mine!

And Hello maman! It has been a really good week the weeks seem to go
by so fast its so weird! I love fast sundays as well! They are always
a great day and even better with all the amazing testimonies that were
given ! We had the kimpe family there today again and they are the
sweetest people ever they were so touched by you and going to visit
and take care of their daughter, they brought a bag full of goodies for
us it was so sweet she started crying when i showed them the pictures
you sent me! It was great! Such a cool family!

It's so nice here! Even tho its hard work i love
it here! Yeah i think shes going to get baptized !! She is progressing
so much and knows that the church is true already! Last time she gave
us money cause she felt like she needed to give some to the lord and
then we taught her about tithing and she totally was loving it! She's
so golden its amazing! We were teaching her and its just so easy cause
she is so ready to hear everything we give her and she wants it!

Yeah we got a new car its a Nissan not, its so nice her name is noisette.
It's elder brown who has to drive cause i cant anymore im to old in
the mission! Once over a year my drivers thing expired! He has been on
his mission for like 10 months!
Yeah its so amazing all the things that we learn on the mission! Ive
learned a lot about just how to live alone and what works and what
doesn't and how to work with others but also on the side of spiritual
how to study the scriptures affectingly and how to share my knowledge
with others in a simple way in another language which is weird that i
can even do that! Hahah i love the mission its so amazing! Elder
battezzato going home makes me scared cause i know the time will pass
so fast! Like im just trying to work so hard i dont wanna waist this
time! So crazy! So many things to do!
Hahha I love you so much mom and thanks so much for all that you do
for me! I love you so mcuh!
Elder McDaniel 

NJM PDay from Corsica France, July 31, 2017

On the Boat To Nice France

On The Boat To Nice France

My Old Companion - Elder Sebra


Dabbing in Primary.

Car Accident

Sister Brown our Presidents Wife. She is AWESOME!


OK.........No group email again, but I'm going to  post some of my email.  He is doing so good and Loves Loves Loves his mission!

HII mom!!

 This week was pretty crazy....... Well we kinda got in a
bad accèdent our car is totaled but we are all alright it was just
the car that got destroyed! It could have been a lot worse than it is!
But that was crazy that happened wednesday and then we had to catch a
boat to go to Nice for conference which was really good we were there tell
Saturday so that was all of our week! But im doing good1 i have a
little trama in the car with driving really safe now casue i cant
drive anymore cause im to old in the mission and my thing expired but
yeah im alright!

Our investigators are doing really good! Well one of them Ghislaine is
doing really well! ! But Ghislaine
said one time this weeks she already knows that its true and she is so
ready to be baptized! It's amazing!

 We were really perfected in that accédaient! It could have been really bad
and we really could have
died if everything wrong happened! But it didnt and we dont have any
injuries and we made the boat that same night, im grateful for the protections
the lord has given us and gives me every day! Everywhere i go! I know he is
real and i know that he sends his angels round about me to protect me
and i know they are my ancestors who are waiting for me to do there
work and baptize them, if you could get ahold of grandma love i would
really love to see and know more aobut my family.  So can you write her

and help me out with that! And also there is a
family here that they have a nice who is serving in the temple in st
george. And her parents are here this week visiting and they Weill be
there on sunday again! By the way we had 25 at church it was great!
But if you happen to go to the temple visitors center you should take
a picture with her and you can send it to me and i can give it to them
or something hahah! Her name is sister Amelia kimpe. Maybe that could
be a cool fhe you guys can do tonight who knows:) i love you so much
mom thank you so much for all that you do for me! I love you so much!
Thank you for your prayers and love!
Love elder McDaniel
Wigity wigity wigity

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

NJM Pday from Corsica France, July 25, 2017

Once again, Nicholas did not send a group email, so I decided to post some of my email.   He is doing so good and loving his mission!

His Football Friend from Cedar City!

Fire on Corsica!

Hello mama! Im glad the boys had such a good time at scout camp! 
And that dad was able to go with them. That's something I wished when
I was younger that I had more time with dad and that he would do and
spend more time with us even tho I really didn't want it on the
outside it's what I really needed on the inside! Hahah. 

It's so cool to see all the kids all growing up! Brigham looks exactly 
 like his dad it's crazy! That's what I picture a little Mike looking like haha! 

Man thats to bad you weren't able to go to the Cole's wedding.  ! Im gonna email
him! I finally got his email!  He's a good kid I love him.

This week went by so fast! It's so crazy how fast the time goes by
sometimes! I love the mission so much! It's such a different amazing
experience and like it's something you never want to stop! This week
president brown came down and when he was here he took us to eat and
stuff like that he is such a good guy,  but also he met this lady at his hotel
that wanted to learn more. So we called her and then she came to
church and participated in the lessons and i gave a talk on how we can
gain our testimony of the Book of Mormon so that was perfect, then
after she was like can we meet at my house tonight and we were like
yes! We went over and she lives in this amazing house it has such a
nice view! And then we gave her a beautiful lesson on the
restoration and asked her if she would like to be baptized and she
said well of course! Holy crap what a miracle! All of our hard work is
paying off and there are people ready to hear this gospel! She is so
cool! Her name is Ghislain She speaks some good English as well and
Spanish and she's a massage therapist for athletes! What is the type
that Naomi does again? But yeah that was such a miracle this week!

It's amazing these kind of experiences I've had on the mission that
really show the hand of God in our lives and also how true the gospel
is. And how people are always getting prepared!

Haha yeah Spencer has only 3 weeks left from today! So crazy! He's
stressing but happy as well! It's amazing to see how much the mission
becomes a part of you and how much you love it! Yeah I cant wait to
come home, but man it's gonna be hard to leave. 

 Thanks for your prayers mama!

I love you so much!And thank you so much for
your package you sent me! I loved it! Your the best!!

I love you so much mama!
 Wigity wigity wigity!
Elder McDaniel

Monday, July 10, 2017

NJM Pday from Corsica France July 10, 2017

This Trio Gets to stay together!  

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

Finding out if they get to stay together in Corsica!

look at the  BEAUTIFUL view in the background!


Nicholas didn't send out a group email again, so I decided to put some of the email he wrote to me.
He is so excited that he gets to stay in Corsica for 6 more weeks!!

Hello mama!
 I get to stay in Corsica for another Transfer!!!!!!!

 It's weird to think that skyler and Dylan are 18
and 15 Dylan can get his permit and skyler is an "adult" now! So
crazy! Im so glad that you had a great time in California cambria! One
of my favorite places in our great USA! 
yep the son wakes us up bright and early! The sun rises at like 5 and it
shines in our room every day so im still asleep but it tells me its
there every morning, and it just came from back home to wake us.   hahah!
!Im doing really well! This week has been crazy! We got stopped on the
road by a women who used to talk with the missionaries like a year ago
and now she wants to be baptized and she's started taking the lessons
with us already! She's really had a hard time and now we are helping
her back on the right track! She stopped us getting out of our car to
go to an appointment wednesday and then we saw her every day which is
awesome! She's so cool! Her name is Angela!  And now she's getting on
track to be baptized the 12 of august!  Such a blessing.
 There were 18 at church this week and i gave a talk on prayer! Haha i used some
of your talk in it as well and referenced you hah:) we had a couple
visitors so that was good!
 I really kinda have narrowed it down to what i think i
wanna do after tho. I really would love to be a councilor at a school!
Kinda like coach jon and he coaches at the same time and its a decent
job! I would love to mentor students and be the jon that he was to me
and loving me and always hooking me up but also on the side of a Coach
i really wanna be a coach! And i always would like to minor in
business or international business casue with my french that could
open up a lot of doors for that window as well  and me loving math
that could add into an accounting internationally or something like
that. But yeah those are my narrowing down thoughts!
This week was really good and we saw such a miracle with Angela! She
accepted baptism date so easy and is so egur to work for it! We have
been praying we would find a solid amis and we did! It was so amazing!
I love you so much mama! 
Wigity wigity wigity! Thank you so much for all that you do for me
mama! I love you so much!

Monday, June 26, 2017

NJM PDay from Corsica France, June 26, 2017

Package from my family!  He is half way there 365 days!!!

I had to fly to Nice France to do my legality stuff.  

On my flight to Nice France!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

NJM from Corsica France June 22, 2017

Corsica France
Corsica France

He was in the Liahona!

He was in the Liahona!

Elder McDaniel, Elder Battezzato, Elder Brown

Elder McDaniel enjoying the Island!  

365 days ago this cute boy left on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have loved to see his growth and love for all people. He loves it so much and is doing so good! He is now serving on a little Island off of France close to Italy, called Corsica. He has fallen in love with the French, Swiss, Corsican and Italian people. WE sure do miss him, but he is doing a greater work as he shares his smile and the love of our Savior! We love you Elder McDaniel.   

He hasn't sent a group email the last few weeks so I am going to post some of my email. 

Hello mama!!!

I just wanted to say at first that i got my package!!!! And thank you
so much!!! I love everything in it!!! You are the best! Today has been
a good day!

Evething is going really good here were starting
to get new investigators and stuff so thats good we have been putting
lots of work in in finding! So thats good to see that some of our hard
work is starting to pay off!

On sundays we have sacrement and then 30mins of sundayschool and then
30 mins of the other classes but its all together every time!

We found like 6 new potential investigators/investigators this week!
So we killed it!

This week was really good we had an exchange in Bastia
this last week on wednesday and it was really good! Something that was
really cool we learned in district meeting was that you know how in
the videos of Christ when he was resurrected and how his cloths are
nice and folded from the tomb. Well elder battezatto was telling us in
the Jewish culture. If the master of the house left the table from
eating he would either leave his napkin all unfolded and messy meaning
that he was done and he wouldn't be coming back to finish, or he would
leave it folded meaning that he would be coming back to his plate.
This was so cool to me cause Christ is coming back and he knew it and
he left us so many signs to know it! I love how we are here as
missionaries to help people to prepare for the second coming of Christ
casue he is coming back!

Its been so crazy to see also how our branch and group are really
small and we are really involved in all the work with the members and
the order of the church! I have participated in things i never thought
i would have before! It's kinda cool to get this kind of experience!

Thank yo so much mama for all that you do for me! 
You do more for me than i deserve! I hope that i am making you
 proud out here and i hope you feel the blessings that i have this
 last year from this mission!
I love you so much mama!
Elder McDaniel
Wigity wigity wigity!

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