Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France, November 28th, 2016

Elder McDaniel, getting ready for the cold. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanks to the Mathis Family

Monday is a Special day it's the day we get ready for Tuesday,
Wednesday,Thursday,FridaySaturday, Sunnndayyy. Hahah if you know the
song I hope you found this funny!

This week was pretty good nothing to cool just that we got our amis
Norbert with a baptismal date for this coming Saturday and his dad
said he'd be there and stuff so nothing to big! I hope you were
reading carefully CAUSE WOW!!! SO COOL!

This was definitely the miracle this week how this all played out! So
this week we met with Norbert and taught him a couple points he
needed in the lessons and it fixed his date and his dad was there to
make sure it was all good and he was totally okay with it! It worked
out just perfect! 

The first week I got here in Gex one of the members
who is a good friend of mine now said if we are going to baptize
someone here it would be him, now 18 weeks later we are doing it! Such
a cool miracle to see and thank you for all your prayers for him and
our amis Natasha! We feel your prayers and they do as well!

Monday: same old same old p day stuff hung out did emails and we had a
dinner appointment with the family cozentino! Super cool family and
they cooked us so super good pizza!

Tuesday: 5 month mark!!!! Wow, I made some cookies, yes I made some
cookies I'm a 5 star Missionary cook now! But we had the goal to pass
all the members we can in our ward and give them cookies and just talk
with them and try to get referrals it's been really good!! And we got
to go eat with the Bolognesi family and share a little message with
there kids, one of them has the same name as me but he spells it
Nicolas so I guess it was fate I have a french name!!

Wednesday: MIRACLE! And a manger vous as a bonus I've never had more
in one week as this!!!

Thursday: happy thanksgiving! We had fajitas at the family jardons for
our thanksgiving hahaha, it was good but not as good as home!

Friday: Real thanksgiving, we went to a family in our ward who is
basically English and they had a realer thanksgiving with turkey and
the whole nine yards! It was good!!

Saturday: we worked at the Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank) from 9:30 to 8 at night
it was really fun but a lot of work haha

Sunday: Church is always great and it was the primary program and
trust me the kids here are just as crazy as the kids there, the only
difference is that they speak french! Hahah gotta love it tho. It will
always be one of my favorite meetings of the year no matter where I am
french or English it's still the best.

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and thank you again for your
continued prayers for Norbert so all will go well on Saturday and
Natasha that she can find comfort in her situation right now! I love
you all!

Love Elder McDaniel

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gez France November 21, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France November 7, 2016

We have Snow!

Snow on the Mountains

Elder Roemer

Bonjour à tous

This weeks email be a little shorter than regular but I wanna share a
little something with you all!

So for our mission at the beginning of the year we have had a goal to
get 250 baptisms, as of right now we have 119 left. For many seeing
this number seeing the number we have left with only 2 months left
seems like an impossible task. I've been think a lot about how are we
going to baptisé this many people by the end of the year and to be
honest it seemed pretty far fetched. 119 that's a lot of people! This
week we had a district meeting and the subject is how we are going to
find and teach and baptize these people. It has been said that
president has unclocked the "unlock all" cheat code, where suppose to
find forever families and the cheat code is Part member families.
President also said this is above all other things we need to be doing
is passing  members getting referrals and finding these part member
families who needs us and are ready right now. 

 One day this week we passed a member and got 6 referrals in one sitting,
 I don't think I've
got that many while I've been here! I'm just saying it's about to go
down in the France Lyon mission you all just wait and see!

 I just wanted to bare you my testimony that I know this goal is possible and
that there are forever families out there waiting for our message! I'm
so lucky to grow up in this gospel to know I can live with my family
forever, and not just my family now but my future family my kids and
their kids all together in the eternities. I know that families are so
important and that when we have our families centered on Christ is
when we will thrive the most. I can't wait it have that with my own
family some day. And I'm so thankful for this family I have in all of
you who support me, you may not think you affect me but I'm here to
tell all of you are part of my family and this journey with me here on
this mission. I love you all and I know THIS church is the true
church. And I promise you if you read the Book of Mormon and pray to
know if it's true with sincerity and really wanting to know if it's
true you will get an answer. I know for some that's scary cause change
is hard, i know ,I'm in France right now, it's not been easy, leaving
all my family and people I love the most, it's not been easy at all.
But I know I'm here because I know this church is true and I want to
share this message of eternal families with everyone. If you haven't
yet my engagement for you is to do so, ask our Heavenly Father if this
church is not true. I may seem bold, and I am being a little but I
have the authority from God who called me as his missionary to be I
know this word is true and I can not deny it. Also smile and wave to
some missionaries this week if you see some, we love seeing happy
smiling people.(: I love you all

Elder McDaniel

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