Monday, October 31, 2016

NJM PDAY From Gex France, October 31, 2016 Happy Halloween

New companion, Elder Loveland and Elder McDaniel
Elder Models

His,new suit, but he is too far away to see it!  :)

Which path will you follow?


Hello EVERYONE!!!! 

Sorry for not getting a weekly out last week it was
super crazy with transfers! I'm still here in Gex France but my old companion
Elder Sebra got transferred to Bordeaux ZL! Oh and we got a car!!! So
I had to drive him and Elder Terrlle from St-Genis to Lyon to catch
their trains and stuff so that was fun! And I received Elder Loveland!
Hes super cool! We get along well and he loves football so hey haha. 

But this week I would like to start with our update and Miracle this
week! So when we got back home late Monday night and he was asking
about the area and all the things he would need to know, I straight up
said were gonna have two baptism this transfer, and hes like a bon,
and i said OUI!!!!!     So going on later in the week we were able to talk
with Norbert's dad twice which never has happened ever! And able to
fix a rdv with Norbert so we went over and taught him and I asked
Norbert what is stopping him from being baptized and like what does he
want us to do for him why does he still want to meet with us, and he
said well I don't know to come closer to Christ, and I said exactly!
That's why we're here, and I know the spirit was working through me to
help him remind him of an experience he had at EFY that he knew he
needed to be baptized and he agreed that he did and we have a date set
for him again!!!! After like 8 weeks of waiting we were able to get
back in and teach him and set a date for him! That was such an amazing


Tuesday: We were able to do service today for two different non member
ladies that are so nice! We raked some leafs and moved some furniture!
It was great! To be honest doing service is one of my favorite thing
here on the mission! I love the feeling of being able to help someone
and teach them by my service more than the words I speak but by the
way that I act and the way that I serve with his name on my chest.

Wednesday: We got do do more servie for the Loyauté famille, so the
man was in our ward but he died of cancer a while ago we went to his
funeral like my 1st transfer, and his parents lived with them but his
brother didn't want his parent to be alone so hes moving them with him
wherever he lives i don't know so we were able talk with them and help
them move out!


Friday: We went back and did some service for those ladies again so
sweet and we were actully ale to teach a lesson on tithing and fast
offering and what it is and how it helps us and how it makes us
different than catholics! It was super super good! I also was able to
use my boyhood skill to fix our bike that we are giving to St-Genis
now cause WE HAVE A CAR!!! YAY!!! Hahahaha.

Samedi: We started off the day after studies and stuff with our samedi
sportif which was awesome a lot of people showed up this time and it
was super fun! Eveyone was getting mad cause I'm a lot faster than them
and we were playing frisby and was killing them! Hahahaha! Speed kills
like they say!  After we all went and ate lunch with the members that
came yummy tacos always a nice meal hahaha!
But yeah that's how my week went, I'm excited to see what this transfer
brings! And thank you for all of your prayers for me and all the
missionaries all over the world!!!!

Elder McDaniel

Monday, October 17, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France, October 17, 2016

District Meeting in Geneva

 Hello everyone!!!! 

This week has been pretty amazing with much to learn!!! Lets get it started shall we. On Monday night during our planning session at the end of the day we were thinking what goals we wanted to have and what we wanted to plan on doing for the day, so we already knew we were going to be going over to Natasha's and have a lesson with her on her balcony. So we were thinking about what we could do after her lesson at 10. We both wanted to see a miracle and we both Me and Elder Sebra knew if we were willing and worthy just like Ephram Hanks, we would be able to perform these miracles. So we planned a miracle to happen at 5 that day. So we went to the Ville we felt like we should and were doing passes and going by potentials houses to see if we could get in contact with them and teach them or fix another time we could come back but none were answering or talking with us. So we started making our way back to the bus stop not knowing where we should go. Stopping and looking at the bus times we saw we had just a little time left. So we walked down the street looking for people to talk to and there was no one!!! We got to a corner of the street and there were two lady's trying to hang up a big banner and I just kinda asked if they needed help super simple. We got talking with these women and they were super cool and they asked who we were and what we were doing all the way from Utah and California in France. And we just did a by the book Rétab lesson and it went so good! We got done helping them looked down to our watches and it was right in the block we had set to see our miracle. Such a cool thing to experience. God answers our prayer if were willing and worthy to put in the work to find these miracles. Such a cool experience! Then we got to go eat at one of the coolest families I’ve met here in France the Houdin famille. We played marbles with their son it was great. 

Monday: I know it’s kinda selfish but I bought myself a birthday present. I got my first French suit. It’s so dope. For all of those who know me well enough. This stuff is right down my alley! Its so cool. I’m not gonna wear it tell next week tho so you'll all see it next week maybe hahah. 

Tuesday: Miracle!

Wednesday: When in the SERVICE of your fellow men you are in the SERVICE of God. Around lunchtime we got a call from a member in our ward who asked if we could come help him shovel dirt again! I love doing SERVICE I was so up for it! It took like an hour to drive there we shoveled dirt for two hours and drove back just in time for our RCM and our ward council. Our Bishop came gave us an activity we need to plan for the month of November. Us Americans we thought straight to thanksgiving! So were gonna have a French Thanksgiving. We don’t know if which one or both of us are going to be here. We get transfer calls this next Friday so stay tuned! I could be leaving or staying! 

Thursday: District Meeting! Our bus ride to Geneva is getting longer and longer every time it seems like! The first time it took like 45 mins and then an hour and then and hour and a half. Man hahah. I cant complain tho. Going to Geneva is so cool its so beautiful. I think me starting here I take for granted how cool it really is to be this close to Swiss. The main theme of This District meeting was Faith and Following Faithfully the promptings of the spirit to Find our Miracles. Elder Sebra did a very good job teaching. I always find it interesting learning new things every time on topics they talk about pretty often! 

Friday: We had a RDV with Natasha planned today but we couldn't find anyone to come with us to here house to teach her. One super cool and nice thing with the Elders of Saint-Genis living in our Sector is that they can come help us teach when we really really need someone to come with us. We walked there and it was so so cold and raining and windy. Man it is as cold as it gets in Hurricane when its winter and its only Fall!  It’s gonna get cold here in real winter! We got here having a really good personal study preparing for her and super ready for her to get ready for baptism and come to church on Sunday so she can be baptized. But she wasn't home and seeing in the future. She didn’t come to church. One thing that I've found is that people get so close to baptism and then it’s like Satan just works 10000 times harder on them and our progression with them completely stops. Just like Norbert how he was doing great and then kinda just disappeared. But all will be fine in the work of the Lord. 

Saturday: One awesome thing we set up here is a Saturday sportif if you will. We go to the park and play soccer or frisbee or anything we really want with the members and their friends! So we're hoping in the long run they will start inviting their friends more often!! But it's always super fun. We made some cookies for our investigators afterwards also so that was good to drop by and leave those for them. 

Sunday: Another cool opportunity to teach Glaumeire and have the spirit touch her heart and mind it’s so cool to watch happen! And be able to participate! One of our Frères In our ward suggested to me that I could help Norbert with math and he'd let us over to help him. So I asked him and now I'm going to help him with math in french hahaha. Well see how this goes but I'm glad we can actually set something with him and that he was at church with his brother! So that was awesome were gonna get him back on track! I hope I'm here when he gets baptized cause I know it's gonna happen! 
There's my week, thanks for all the love and support from you all! 

Elder McDaniel 

Houdin Famille

Monday, October 10, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France October 10, 2016

Bonjour touts! 

Its been super good in the mission hood this week! 

As we start of this great recall of the week I'd like to start off with an amazing experience we had with a new member of our ward! So about the start of this transfer or the last of last transfer a random women called us and asked what time we had church because she had been inactive for about 40 years and felt like she needed to start coming back to church. So we were like cool this will be awesome! She lives like an hour away from our church building but she was willing and happy to make the travel to come to church and be part of our ward. So the weeks went on and she's just been one of the most loyal member of our ward. She doesn't miss church ever and she shows up way early and she comes to the church activities. She's been so awesome! Two weeks ago right before General Conference she asked us if we could come a little early to church to teach her and refresh her memory of what she use to know better, but now has just as strong of a testimony on as a member that has been constantly going and attending church for 40 years. So we showed up early this Sunday and ready to teach her, and we started of and she just kept saying thank you and how she was so thankful for us to teach her cause over those 40 years she had forgotten a lot and just wanted to remember all these things of our gospel. So we thought it would be appropriate to just start with our base the rétablissement. So we started and were having such an amazing experience teaching her, and then something happened I will never forget. I had just gotten done talking about Jospeh Smith and the first vison and we were testifying to her and she just had a smile on her face and tears running down her face and full of emotions she stopped and just said thank you. Right there I firsthand saw the spirit remind this sweet sister the truthfulness of our special message. Seeing this happen was so cool and I'm so blessed to have such an experience on my mission. She's such a cool and faithful member that I know I will never forget. 

Monday: We stayed the night at Saint-Genis to finish up our 3 day sleep over for watching conference and then starting our exchange with the Anncey Elders! Super good day, and we got to finish it up with teaching a lesson to Natasha on her balcony which was super good! 

Tuesday: WE HAD A CAR!!!! I was with Elder Lutu for this transfer again, I was with him for our last transfer in Anncey but he has a car and we were able to get so much done! I really wish that we had one! Yes we get along fine with our bikes and the bus, but man we were able to go from the top of our sector to the bottom to the farthest east to the farthest west and still had time to go porting!! It was super good! We went all over the place to hand out our english lesson paper things on the bus stops so yeah hahah. We'll see if people call us back and come to english class. We also were able to find a super good place to get my haircut! Barbershops are not open on Mondays here for some reason so yeah we had to get mine done today cause my hair was getting so long! But we were just looking in the sketchy part of town and like in a back alley and we found this barbershop and I didn't know if it would be good or not. But right when he started to cut my hair I knew it would be good! He was super cool and he spoke english to us he was from Nigeria and came to France to play soccer. He was super cool and we got to talk about what we do and why we are here. One cool thing with him he said he forced himself to speak French and now he is fluent its super cool. He's not as good as Isaac but its the best haircut I've had sense I left H-town. 

Wednesday: Renewing your Bus pass takes way longer than it should. It took us like an hour and a half to renew our bus pass. Like what is this and we have to go all the way to Geneve on our expired bus pass to even get a new one hahah. But we were able to talk with a crazy drunk guy in the street who we were trying to avoid but stopped us hah. One thing that I know that every missionary can testify to is that the crazy people seem to be a magnet to you. So yeah he kept trying to tell us we were TJ's and that Moses couldn't have seen God haha. And his dog was going crazy it was weird and he offered us a drink of his beer. So kind of him right hahah. But hey always good to testify to people in every situation! We slept at the Zl's because we had to go to Lyon really early in the morning for Zone Conference which was really good haha sneak peak. But yeah there were a ton of Elders staying there! So that was fun haha. 
Thursday: Plans 
4:00- Wake up and Go shower get ready
5:20-Catch our Bus 
6:20- Catch our train 
6:21- sleep on the train for 3 hours hahahah jk but really I was so tried I tried.   
Zone Conference was super good and it was cool to see all the people I saw in the MTC! We learned so much and Lyon was dope getting to take the metros and the craziness of a big ville.  I hope to serve there some day!

Friday: For weekly planning we made the plan to teach 20 lessons next week. Boo ya! Lets go! Were gonna do it! 

Saturday: One cool thing we have set up here is that we have a samedi sportif, which is were we invite amis and members and anyone to come play soccer and frisbee and football super fun I need a good football tho so maybe I'll find one here in a sports store! That was super fun  and we had a good turn out! 


Have a wonderful week! Love you all! Let the SON shine in! 
Elder McDaniel 

Men in Black! 

Elder Lutu and Elder McDaniel

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Monday, October 3, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex, France October 3, 2016

Nicholas J McDaniel

1:58 AM (8 hours ago)

Hello everyone!!
I hope you have all had a wonderful week and felt the love of the savior this week! I know that I have. Well lets start with the miracle of the week. This week we had Zone Conference and then we had an exchange with the ZL's in Geneve. But when we ended our exchange we went home and felt like we needed to go do some service for a soeur in our sector that has had us over for dinner before, she is a member but she goes to the Geneve english ward. So we went over to her house ready to do some servie for her and we ended up giving her a lesson and talking with her for a good amount of time. She has a smoking problem and when she said we could do some service for her we weren't really expecting to give a lesson but were more than happy to do so. She looked at us and we both felt a connection and just started a lesson on the Atonement. During this lesson she poured her heart to us on how she needed that message cause she's having a hard time with everything and for us it was so cool just to have the prompting and feelings of what we should teach and touch this sisters life. We hope to help her stop smoking and continue to help and follow the spirit when we feel inspired, it was such an amazing feeling. When we were riding home cause we rode our bike we were like wow. That was super cool. Christ just used us as his hands and it was such an amazing experience. 

Monday: As I announced last week this would be the first day of my Monster Week of Speaking all french! It was a good day of chilling and getting the normal stuff done that we do on Monday's

Tuesday: Along with the Monster week I decided to start a 40 day purification process where you start with a fast and write down all the things that poke at your spirit. And for 40 days you promise to God every day that you will not think about these things that poke at your spirit and strive to be better. In this process it is not for you to forget about your family or loved ones it is about trying to change who you are by changing your actions or thoughts such as comparing ourselves or thinking we aren't good enough. And the promise with this experiment is that you will be an effective tool in the Lords hands. 

Wednesday: Preparing this week for district meeting we were challenged to read a talk by Sheri L Dew. I took this as a good experience also to prepare myself for conference this weekend as well. I've found when we prepare for thing as I'm sure all of you have experience is such a greater outcome and you get so much more from your preparation. 

Thursday: District Meeting in Geneve. This was a really good District Meeting! It talked about how we can have faith and courage to fulfill our purpose and have power!! Giving examples of Prophets and people who have shown this example. For me I choose Christ. In my mission Plaque I chose the scripture Isaiah 6: 8-10 8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

9 ¶And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.

10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

For me Christ showed his courage and faith but volunteering himself and giving all his glory to God. For me I want to be like him and serve and give all I have on my mission and give all glory to God! 
After we stated our exchange! Me and Elder underwood started our exchange off by teaching a lesson with their amis and got him engaged! He said he would be baptized in October! That was a super cool experience! I was so happy for him! And after that we were  able to teach 2 more lessons in the park with a couple women which went really goood! I love how there are more than like 4 people in Geneve hahah. 

Friday: OUR MIRACLE!! 

Saturday: We were able to watch conference today and there was so much to learn and grow, I hope that everyone had an opportunity to watch at least a little bit of it. If you haven't watched it yet, I challenge you guys to go and watch them! It has been so good so far! I love the council of The first talk in the Saturday morning session by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the message of the plan of salvation is powerful because we have the answers to where we come from what our purpose is and what we are here to do! I love that!! 

Sunday: Another amazing day filled with amazing talks of the prophets! In the Sunday morning Russell M. Nelson gave a cool talk on joy. And how we have true joy in our lives. Yes there are many things in our lives that make us feel this joy, but he gave a way for us to claim this joy and make it our. I don't know about you but I would love to have that in my life. The instruction was that as we focus on Christ in what we do naturally we do as he would have us do and he blesses us with his joy to have for ourselves. He gives us the ability to feel everlasting love as we focus on him! I know I'm going to strive even harder so I can have this joy always! 
This week has been such an amazing week and I'd like to report on how my french went in fact I want my companion to report on it so its honest and truthful. I have seen so many miracles in all the prayers you said for me! I am so thankful for all that you have done for me!

Elder Sebra: so, I just have to say right now that he has already improved so much! Speaking only french has been a real success this week, I find that he has been able to think a lot more naturally in french, being able to understand and respond to things on the fly, and it's really impressive to see the improvement after only a week! So for all those of you who prayed specifically for him, they definitely worked, and he has been able to take advantage of the gift of tongues, doing as the Lord has planned for him!!
I love you all so much thanks for all the prayers and everything you do for me!

Elder McDaniel 
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