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NJM PDay from Gex, September 26, 2016

Nicholas helping out at a Birthday Party  :)

Nicholas J McDaniel  September 26, 2016

Sep 26 (1 day ago)
What's up everyone!!!!

 I hope that you all have had a wonderful week I know that it has been a good week for us and lots of amazing things have happened to us! To start off the miracle for this weeks was that Norbert came to church yesterday! It's so good to see him back. Its kinda hard and sad cause he seemed like his progressing just got tossed out the window but the fact he was at church and here and talked with us is a miracle to us. We have been trying to get a hold of him for 2 weeks now and he just showed up to church. The Young Mens President Frere Houdin (aka hes one of the coolest french people I've met from the first day he's welcomed us and now he's one of our good friends and good helps with the work) said that Norbert and his brother Victor said they would come to General Conference next week in Geneve and he would fast the next Sunday with a purpose! So that's so awesome, I know these experiences will jump start him again and get him on the right path and on the narrow path to baptism and even beyond that our goal is to get people to the temple.

 I love the quotes that I have from Emilee this week from Spencer it says, integrity is well more important than anything else. Do not be dishonest in key indicators it means nothing at all. When all you do is service for others all day, that is when you will love your mission. This weeks i've felt the truthfulness of what he said! In Gex the numbers of everything overall may not be the greatest but I serve others, I know we are racking up the numbers with God upstairs. 

Monday: P-Day!!! Wooot woot! So I didn't bring a jacket here or any warm stuff, and its getting really chili here real fast so we went and got me a jacket and a couple sweaters which I was very thankful for this week cause it rained for two days strait! So that's what we did and then went to the St-Genis appartment and played pool and darts it was really nice. I'm getting really good at pool! It's funny how fast you can pick things up here on the mission! 

Tuesday: Think back to the quote in the first part of the email about serving others is where you will feel the most happy on your mission. So today we did service for Natasha, we cleaned her yard up pretty good! And we were there basically all day, there was a lot of work, we cleared weeds cleared paths and shoveled dirt. It took me back home and I actually miss doing these things, service is one of my most favorite things! 

Wednesday: I'll call this day a normal day for me when at baseball practice. First at bat 3 strikes and I'm out, the next at bat hit a home run. (Not really I'm garbage at baseball hahah) But we had three thing set up basically all day that would take up most of our time and they all canceled before the day even began. Haha. But we managed to refix a lesson with Natasha who is an old amis of the other elders and she had a baptismal date, but she kept traveling so she kept having to change it. So we taught her and it went really well and re set her baptism for the 13th of October. We're going to do all we can to get her ready for that day. I know for a fact that the spirit was there in the lesson! 

Thursday: Zone training in Geneve! We got to go to Geneve this week to Zone training, which was super good! The whole basis of this training was to get us believing in the goals that we set for ourselves, even further,I can do things like baptism and finding people, but I will find and I will Baptize. I WILL BAPTIZE!!!! 

Friday: WEEKLY PLANNING! So I remember Frere Adams's telling us that weekly planning was an important part of the weeks and it was also important to do it and go so you can have more time to find and fulfill our plans for the week! I loved this I will always remember him saying that to us in the MTC and I'm glad that we have weekly planning cause without it we would be just going with not a goal in mind. One quote I loved today is off the movie Ephraim's Rescue, it says," None of us are truly clean, but we must do our best to be so when we partition the lord for blessings." This part of the movie is when he washes his hands before he acts in the name of God and blesses others. And now I'm going to start washing my hands before every blessing. 

Saturday: I think I failed to mention our amis Natasha who we did service for and had a lesson with invited us to her sons birthday and asked me to be Spiderman at the party! That was one of the funniest and craziest things I've done on the mish so far ðŸ˜‚ it was really good Comment Meme we talked with lots of her friends who were not members and it was really good with lots of good British food! Its cool cause she's from London and her daughter has the cutest little British accent hahahah, I was trying to get her to speak for you guys but she was to scared ahah. 

Sunday: Say what..... A man called us and he said he wanted to come to church and he was a member of another church but really wanted to see what we were all about and it was super good! His British and he was super nice and funny. He said we have really good things and he stayed for 2 hours and it was super good! And NORBERT CAME TO CHURCH! YAY!! The Celi Famille had us over again with more family that wasn't members. Kinda hard cause they all only speak Spanish, excepted the younger kids so its like coming in the mission field and not knowing what anyone was saying. But hey good food and cool talking and sharing HIS light with these people. 

Its been a good week and If I can ask, I know its very selfish of me to ask but this next week we are doing a week of all French and no English. For me understanding everyone is better way better than i can speak. I'm getting better and I've had lots of progress but I know God works in miracles maybe not on my time but His, but this next week if you could send one prayer my way for the gift of tongues and that this miracle of me being able to speak better will come with lots of practice and lots of faith and prayer. Because I WILL SPEAK FRENCH! I love you all! Thank you so much for all you do for me!! You are all in my prayers and I know the lord will bless your lives as you strive to follow him. Have a great week! 

Birthday Fun with an investigator.

Nicholas being the Elder Spiderman!

Everyone Loves a Cute Elder Spiderman!

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NJM PDay From Gex September 19, 2016

From: Nicholas J McDaniel <nicholas.mcdaniel@myldsmail.net> September 19, 2016


Hello everyone im going to start doing one miracle at the beginning of my letters to y'all in hopes that though these experiences that you all will strive to be missionaries yourself as well as you go along this adventure with me! My Miracle this week was we were able to find a new family who seemed golden!!!! And I know we were lead to them! I know through prayer we receive answers to our prayer!! 

Monday: I had my first Kebab today! A Kebab is a sandwich or taco thing thats full of meet and greatness! Its so good the next time i have one i will post a picture! I didn't think to take one! Haha désolé. But we were able were able to have a group member lesson with saint-genis this week to cause they live with a member in our ward and they stayed over for bbq which was really good with some really good sausages!!!! It was really good and we were able to get a 12 min in and talk with the member hes super cool!!! 

Tuesday: We finally got a English class set up for Wednesday nights so thats good! A lot of people ask us about that and i think it will be a good way to serve others and maybe get some new amis out of it!!!!! Yay!! Hahah but we were going through the Area Book which is so small compared to other ones because some Elders before us lots the old one and they had to stat all over again. This was a while ago, was but its still so small. But anyways we were going through it and calling up potentials and we got some RDV fixed with some of them and were able to stop by a couple while we were going porting! So it was super good! I felt to bad this day cause we were porting and i started the memo like who we are and what we're talking about and she was kinda older and she had no hair and i think she had cancer and i felt so bad that i like made her get up to the door but she smiled at us and said we were kind and we asked to help her but she said she wasn't interested. For me just offering to help someone is the key. Even tho she didnt let us in we might have been able to spark her us and make her feel a little better. 

Wednesday: This day can be best described by me getting closed in a bus door ðŸšª hahahaha super ðŸ˜‚ 


Friday: Its been raining a lot this week and we were walking to a members house to do a 15 min and we got in and were teaching this family and i noticed the little daughter had a Frozen shirt on and i was like boo ya! So at the start of the lesson i told the kids at the end we had a song they could listen to and then we played let it go and they all started singing it and it was super cool and i was happy they loved it! They all knew it by heart! It was so funny! The thing was is that the lesson with the Disney song brought the spirit so mucH! It was amazing! I believe that Disney movies are the best for in you every way and i cant wait tell Christmas when i can watch one hahah:) 

Saturday: Ward activity! Our primary put on a ward activity that a bunch of non members and less actives and amis came to and it was so good!! They had the primary sing songs and we had good food! One thing here is that we have quiche all the time here and i still think Naomi's is the best ive ever had!!!!! But we talked with theses people and it just was a huge success. One cool thing we had hotdogs but in baguettes for the bread it was kinda weird but so good hahah and Elder Sebra is gonna teach me how to make the baguettes so your welcome for whoever I make them for some day hahah. 

Sunday: Church is good as always and One thing I loved about this Sunday is getting to see one of the young men bless the sacrament for his like second time. It reminded me of watching Skyler bless for the first time he was super nervous and it made me so glad that this kid was advancing in the priesthood and one step closer to heading on a mission and doing this amazing work! I love it! Its been so amazing growing and learning so much here and i cant wait to see my brothers and hopefully cousins and eventually my own kids go on missions and have their lives changed while trying to help change others lives! 
I love you all so much and I thank you all for our prayers for me and helping me! 

I hope you all have an amazing week and Let the SON shine in! 

Ward Primary Party

Elder McDaniel 

Monday, September 12, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France September 12, 2016

On Sep 12, 2016, at 8:36 AM, Nicholas J McDaniel <nicholas.mcdaniel@myldsmail.net> wrote:

YO, YO, YO!!!! 
 Bonjour everyone!!!  
I hope that all of you had an amazing week! I forgot my planner at home so I'm gonna just do a general overall this week! But it was an amazing week and I can wait to stay another transfer in GEX!!!! Yay!!!! I love the people and the members are the best and we have awesome investigators who are progressing really well!! Norbert's baptism was planned for this next week on Saturday but we don't know if he's going to do it on that day cause his dad had some worries or something but we are planning if not this week, but the next week! But we feel his spirit growing every time we meet with him and when he bares his testimony about the things we teach him.  He's a golden investigator!!
But the start of this week we had 15 min with a member and they fed us and they were so cool! They have the coolest dog it looks like a real live bear!! But nicer and cuter hahahah (:
We were really anxious this week to get calls and to see what will happened with the whole district and everything! So we got the calls in Annecy because we were there for an exchange with the DL (District Leader) and the DL monkey, that's what they call the District leaders companion so we went there and had a ton of success and that next morning we got the call that we are staying!!! And even crazier! I'm the new District Monkey and Elder Sebra is the new District leader!!!!!! We were so happy to stay together me and him get along very well together and are having some good things happen here in Gex that haven't been happening here in a long while! 
Also we had another wonderful opportunity to do service for a member and move his old spa to the dump!  
One thing that stood out to me this week was on Sunday we have a thing in our ward where we go to all the classes for a missionary minute! And we were in one of the classes and the missionary moment was simple and sweet, here in France people are very "of the world" and this sister had the opportunity to say why she acts the way she does and that was it. People notice us because we are different! And that's awesome! The whole thing is we are examples to everyone all the time. I love what grandma Becky has been telling me , let the SON shine in, when your living the gospel all the time people notice and they have the SONs like, "aka" the light in your shine on them. It's something we can all do every day! I'm so glad that I get to do this and share this light with others every day! I'm doing really well and this should be a really good week! 
Lots of amazing things are happening and the gift of tongues I really really feel!! My goal is to be able to hold myself in French by the end of this transfer! So hopefully this transfer goes well. We also set the goal on week 3 only French the whole week, so everyone be looking forward to a French email 😉 haha just kidding, I think I don't know, we'll see hahahaha. 
But thank you all for the prayers and help with me and my mission adventure!! 
Love ya,
Elder McDaniel 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NJM PDay from GEX, September 5th, 2016

On Sep 5, 2016, at 6:03 AM, Nicholas J McDaniel <nicholas.mcdaniel@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Bonjour!! This week has been really good and I'm just gonna get right into it and letting you know how my week went!
Monday: P-Day was super chill, we got our stuff done for cleaning and food and chilled and watched a movie and took a nap we were both tired so why not right hahah. But we also got to go eat at Bishop Liperts home their family is cool because they all speak German and English but also the kids are like fluent in French as well to so they are a trilingual family which is pretty cool!!! But I gave the spiritual though which was super good the spirit was so strong. And after bishop was like hey do any of you play ping pong and I was like YES I love it. So me and him played for like 30 mins it was great he's actually pretty good!! 

Tuesday: In the mornings we do our studies and we have to do a 12 week thing cause I'm a blu and we watch these videos called the district and we were watching it and missionary's from the us are being filmed just in there every day life and giving an example of what kind of what we are suppose to be doing and we were watching and I was watching and I saw this Soeur that was talking and I was like hey that kinda looks like Linzie hahahah they have the same hair cut I think is why I thought it was similar hahah. I'll let you guys be the judge for those of you that know Linzie:) But we also got to do some service and help a member in our ward move some couches out of his house 2 floors up and move them to our house 3 floors up it was epic! It's funny cause I miss like lifting weights cause we don't have any in our apartment I was so sore after hahaha. But it was really good they served us tacos after as well and they were super good! 

Wednesday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!! I had my first zone conference in the mission and it was so good. I got so much out of it! It was so good to see President again! I saw him when I came In and our interview was really quick when I came in cause we got in late and he just had us bare our testimony in French, and let's just say I've come a long way since then hahah. But we had another opportunity to have another interview with him and it went so good. I got to talk about my family and just where I come from and just my background. By the way thanks all of you cause I started crying when I was talking about you all. And He gave me a complement that I will never forget, he says just by taking with you right now I know your like one of the stripling warriors. It was so cool!! I will never forget it! He also challenged us to go and pray to meet our goal and receive direct revelation from God and find this family in our sector. So I'll get to that experience in a minute! But it was a good day we had lots of good food and we got to get a little bit of porting and a member invited us over for dinner so it was a really good day!!! I also learned today that the teenagers here say dope to!! So when I talk with them at church I always use it hahahahahaha. 

Thursday: We took half of our 12 weeks time to make our Captain Moroni  Rent coat of Liberty. I challenge you all who don't know this story to go read it in the Book of Mormon in Alma 46! It's such a good story! And very powerful what Monorni and as he takes the stripling warriors latter on what they accomplish with faith and being obedient to the lord and always remembering where they come from and what they believe in. Then we took another little bit and prayed to receive our revelation for us and what we are to do here and let me tell you I fell like on cloud 9 right now. I prayed and I just felt the spirit so strong, we went to a grove of trees by our apartment and just went in the trees and prayed and I I finished and I opened up in the French Book of Mormon to Moroni 10: 4-5 which talks about how by the spirit you may know the truth of all things and I was like okay I know something is about go come so I felt inspired to go to the Book of Mormon to Doctrine and Covenants and the scripture I opened up to has changed my mission for me and I have lots of work to do!! 

Friday: SPENCERS YEAR MARK!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so crazy I can't believe he's been out for a year already it's gone by so fast, around this time next year he will be home what the heck!! It's so crazy! I hope to be a good missionary like he is, I'm working on it every dayy!!!!! 

Saturday: We called this day Le tour De Gex, as you may know we have bike here in Gex, and this day we rode like 20 miles and it was epic, when I get back I'm gonna take up biking cause I love it haha. I'm used to having a sore butt hahha. But I'm gonna race Kyle when I get back cause I feel like I could take him on!!! 

Sunday!! As always Sunday's are awesome! I got to talk in front of everyone in priesthood for our   Missionary moment we do in our ward cause, we have the best ward. Our Amis came to church and our other Amis gets back this week and we'll be able to help her progress as well and maybe even get her family baptized as well!! 
But this week was so awesome!!! I feel the saviors love and your love every day. Thank you so much! I love you all!!