Monday, August 29, 2016

NJM PDay from Gex August 29th, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

NJM P-Day from Gex August 22, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bonjour from Gex!

Bonjour my family and friends!  

This week has been really good, me and Elder Sebra have been busy.  Yeah we are teaching a women named Geraldean, she's bipolar so that's kinda hard but we are fixing appointments with her so we are happy.  We are also teaching these two kids and their dad, he is inactive but doesn't mind them coming to church and stuff and one of them for sure wants to be baptized, so our goal is to try to commit both of them to baptism this transfer!! There names are Norban and Victor.

So this week we had exchanges and we had zone training so we were gone 3 day of this week in different vills so we didn't get to do any service, but this next week we get to help someone move or something like that so that's super good I'm excited.  

The Members here are so awesome! They always want to help us with stuff and help me with my French it's really good. The church here is just down the street from us in our apartment which is really good and nice and our church is at 1:30, It's the nicest church building Elder Sebra said he's ever seen in France, it's super nice if you look up Gex on Google maps it's the only LDS church here so you could find it. There's just a lot less members. There are like 100 that show up so it's a ward, so it's a lot bigger than some of the other places.  They all can speak English but they don't.  There's a lot of return missionaries here that have come back and married people form here and have family's and they just speak French because that's like what everyone speaks so no one really speaks English a lot except the bishop who is German but speaks English better than French which is kinda weird but he is super awesome!!

We go out of Gex pretty often because our sector is a bunch of small little towns But we go to Geneva Switzerland a lot and it's so cool there!!!  I did hear that Addison Ashcroft is so close to me in Switzerland,  I wish I could see him that would be so cool. 

The language is coming really good I'm working really hard on it and I can understand a lot more than I can speak but it's getting a lot better because I'm speaking to as many people that I can to help me even if I don't say it right or it makes me sound stupid haha it's coming good.

So like I said, the people here in the ward are super awesome!!!!!! They invited us over twice the first week we were here and we have a couple I think for this week to so that's awesome and they feed you so good, they have like 3 course meals with cheese and desert at the end and it's always so good, and yes I did eat snails this week ahaha:) it was actually really good not as bad as everyone says they are haha. My favorite thing is the bread and the cheese so far I haven't had a lot yet but so far that's the best part. It's real bread and real cheese it tastes so much different than American stuff. 

Exercise!!!!  We have fittest of the nation going in our zone right now and this last week was push-ups we did more than 500 a day each, and now it's sit ups and were gonna kill that one too!!  We are in the lead right now! But it's been going really good we call working out in the morning here mangos haha . 

I'm doing really good just working hard getting fit and preaching the gospel. Some days are hard because there are so many doors shut in our face but we just keep going working even harder! It's been really cool seeing all the mini miracles here in Gex and our sector. 

No I don't need anything just keep sending your prayers they help me more than you know. 

But I don't need anything really I'm doing really good!! My companion Elder Sebra he is doing really good he's the best and he pushes me to be better and he is such a good missionary he's so cool.

I love you all so much, thanks for everything! I can't thank you enough for everything I'm doing really well. 

Love Elder McDaniel 

I don't know who this Elder is with Nicholas.

Again, I have no idea who this Elder is with Nicholas. 

Snails  yummy yummy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

1st Email from France -- Gex, France August 8, 2016

France!! Holy Cow,  I'm here! It's been so amazing and such and amazing place 
with amazing people that I love so much already! This week has been pretty long,
 and tiring but so rewarding and I'm so grateful for it all. I'll be better next week
 and go though each day and say how it all went hahah(:
Week overview! 
The travel to France was not the best but I loved it, ha ha I couldn't sleep on the plane (12 hours) so that first couple days I was running on no sleep, we were literally awake for 36 hours at one point but all is well! Yeah, so we stayed in Paris waiting for the train down to Lyon our first day and we were there for almost 3 hours or so but we barley made our train beccause the Paris zone leaders didn't help us at all to get on.  We didn't know what we were doing.  It was like on the movies we barley got our bags on and jumped on before they closed the doors!! It was pretty crazy and then we talked with this French lady for 2 hours on our train ride down to Lyon from Paris train station. But we got there and it was pretty good.  Everyone speaks French and it's super confusing and everyone is going 100 miles an hour but it's awesome I love it here.  It's hard, its the real deal here and it's hard work but it's so worth it. We met our trainers on Wednesday here in Lyon before going to Gex.  My trainer/companion is Elder Sebra he is super awesome and I'm so glad! He's a stud and speaks really good French! Then we had to travel to our city (Gex) which is like an hour train ride and a 40 min bus ride from Lyon to Gex so we took the trains and they are pretty cool.  It's so pretty here! We stayed with the zls on Wednesday night and then finally got to Gex on Thursday afternoon. It's so awesome, it's a really small town and the people are really well off (rich) but nice. There's not very much success because all the people think their okay here with what they have!  We walked around our cool little town for 3 hours and talked to 4 people, and knocked doors for 2 hours and knocked on at least 45 doors and they are pretty  far from where we live so we biked over to this community (: and only 2 people would talk with us for like 10 seconds. It's hard but I love it, I love these people and just want them to find the happiness that I have from this gospel. President and soeur (sister) brown are really awesome the first day they fed us at their house it was really good! The food is so so good and I haven't even really had any. Just bread and cheese so far hahah. But it's really good! Way better than the US! It was good this Sunday we got to stand in on a baby blessing I've never done that before and we got to pass the sacrament it was really good! And I bore my testimony and it was scary and super bad but I did it and people invited us over to eat so that was good hahahahah(: but I love it here in Gex! It's so beautiful and I can't wait to serve here for however long I'm here!! I know this is where I'm suppose to be! Thanks again for all the continued prayers in my behalf and for my families I know I feel them every day! I love you all and can't wait for another great week! 
Love Elder McDaniel

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Assigned First Area... August 3, 2016

First Area - Email from Mission Home.

3 August 2016

Dear Parents,
Elder McDaniel has been assigned a wonderful trainer/companion Elder Sebra.    They are serving in Gex Ward, Lyon, France. Their address is:
Les Missionnaires
Elder McDaniel
Please address all mail or packages in this format.  See the attachments for a picture of  Elder McDaniel with his Trainer/Companions.
We are grateful to have your wonderful son in our mission!

With Warmest Regards
Soeur Sweeney, Mission Secretary
Mission Française de Lyon

Elder Sebra and Elder McDaniel

First Area  Gex France

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arrived in France - August 2, 2016