Thursday, December 29, 2016

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switzerland December 27, 2016

Skyping with the family!

Christmas Morning

They were trying to recreate this photo I assume! ;)

From Elder McDaniel with no S..........I'm saying this because everyone calls 
him Elder McDaniels, he doesn't care but I think it's funny. ha ha ha 

December 27, 2016


Merry Christmas!! 

Wow Its hard to beat seeing all the loved ones this week and for
me that was a mini miracle in itself! The 1 hour and a half that I did
get went by probably the fasted hour and a half of my whole mission.

What a joy it was, how much your faces helped
me right now. Its really funny you get to the point of skyping then
you forget all the things you wanted to say and wish you would have
said. But I loved every second of it. To be honest it was really hard
saying goodbye im kinda just a ball baby but  the tears were hard to
hold back! I love that tho, really the love I had has grown for
everyone and how much these little moments really mean!

This week seemed to kinda start off rough but as the week went on it
was really the best I think the skype has a lot to do with it haha.
Super weird feeling that in 6 months again we will be talking again
and it will be near my year mark and that seems like forever away! But
its going to go by so fast.

 Its has its hard times but we all get through them.

I dont wanna take to much of your time but i hope you were all able to
feel the savoirs love for you this Christmas and what a wonderful gift
it is to have the Savior in our lives. 

Family, family is my miracle this week because talking with all my loved ones 
and just seeing how much love I've gained and cherish more than ever is something really
really special to me especially this time of year! When we can all
open presents and visit family and remember our older brother Christ
in our lives , for me right now is the best feeling. Cherish our
families and let the SON shine in. I know with all my heart that
Christ is my Savior and that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and
loves all of you. I know that the fullness of the gospel is here upon
the earth today and I get to share that with the people here in Suisse
and in France. I know Joseph Smith is the one to restore this gospel
and that just like before we do have a prophet on the earth today
named Thomas S Monson. It's not an easy thing to gain a testimony of
these things. And its really easy to just be happy where we are in
live. But im here to tell you all the happiness you feel will and can
be timesed ten fold if you would only read The book of mormon with a
sincere heart really wanting to know if all that I have a testimony on
is true and asking our father in Heaven if it is true, I know I
wouldn't be out here if it wasnt true, but dont take my word for it. I
want you all to have this happiness for yourself and for you to really
come to have a love for your savior as I do now because of my
knowledge of his true church. Christmas is a time for remembering the
savior and being together as a family, even tho im 5000 miles away and
through a little skype seeing your faces my Christmas was more than I
could ever ask for. All the food and the dinners and all the presents
and treats and even Dory the movie we got to watch was nothing in
comparison to talking with each and every one of you, my family. For
me thats where my love for the Savior started and where it has grown
that I have a family and will have a future family that I can have for
time and all eternity. What a wonderful gift. A gift of the Son of the
most high God made this all possible for me. I hope you can all come
to feel this great happiness in your life's and really feel the spirit
of Christmas in your homes. I love you all and hope you had a
wonderful Christmas time!

Love you all
Elder McDaniel

Monday, December 19, 2016

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switerland December 19,2016

ME and Elder Romero

Candy Canes



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He was able to go back to Gex for a Meeting!  :)

Me and President Brown in Gex!

It's Snowing!  COLD 

Joyeux fêtes!!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you have had a wonderful week!!!

Im gonna just get right into it, this week I think my miracle may be a
really personal and not really for anyone that we are teaching or any
of our investigators.

This week we went to a multi Zone Conference
in Lyon and this conference we had a 70 coming to talk with us it was
Elder Sabin.  But we were asked to fast and write down questions and
come with a prayer in heart to get answers from this conference. So I
did just that and I wrote down 5 questions that I had and amazingly
enough they were all answered! Every single one in one way or another!
That really was such a cool experience writing the questions down I
didn't think they would get answered but every single one was
answered! So awesome!

One thing I've learned with Elder Romero is by the Book obedience, and
sometimes that's not fun, like how I have to take my Sunday nights to write
my emails to have time to write you guys and that we really don't do
anything fun for Mondays cause other things take presidents but that's
okay I'm learning to be by the Book Obedient which isn't easy but I'm

I know my email is suppose to be about my week but really I just want
this email to be about why we all love Christmas time the presents are
great and everything but the birth of Jesus is really the true gift of
every Christmas. MAKE TIME FOR (birth of Christ video) I love this
video because it so amazingly gives the story of the Lords birth and
you can feel the spirit so strong when you watch it. This event the
coming of the savior of the world to the earth was cause even though
Christ did so much more for us later in his life this act made it
possible for him to.  

Im so thankful for Christ and Christmas where we
can think about Christ's life and how we can follow him in all we do
and never be lead astray. I love my Christ and I love this gospel and
I know that in a little town of Bethlehem Christ the Savior was born. And
this day we can praise his birth and his life.

I can't wait to talk to come of you this next week! Yay!
Love y'all Merry Christmas!

Elder McDaniel 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NJM PDay from Fribourg Switerland December 13, 2016

Good Luck reading this,  I think he is losing what little English/grammar/punctuation he knew. 😇  ha ha  ha   :)

It's 95 % Humidity and  FREEZING COLD!

Elder Romero and Elder McDaniel

I'm swill yall! 

Haha if you haven't heard already i've been transferred
to Fribourg Switzerland.

 This week has been good! At first it was
really really hard leaving my first ville Gex ill forever love the
people there and all they have done to help me become a better
missionary! The miracle this week really I found in a weird instance
that doesn't seem significant in the fact that we have a
new amis or someone very interested in our church, just that we were
sharing this wonderful message of Christ and his life. With the new
Christmas video out it is a super easy way to talk with people and it
being Christmas time that helps a lot!! But this week i don't remember
what day it was because we talk to a lot of people in the street but we
were walking and we stopped this women that was talking with us and was
super believing and super nice. And i really felt she needed the video
so we watch it with her and it went really cool it was funny right
after she watched it she was like wow thank you so much for that gift!
And then i also gave her our card and told her know what you feel you
can share this with others and told her how to go online and share
this video with everyone and I don't think ill ever know what will come
from that really nice lady on the street, but she's my miracle this
week cause i saw the fact of just baring my testimony feeling the
spirit so strong and just kinda sharing this light that we all have!

So voila! Haha
Monday: I got picked up at the Gar in Geneve by my new comp Elder Bryn
Romero hes cool hes from Wyoming. And then we took a train like 3 hour
to Fribourg and unpacked my bags and all my stuff and did our courses
and let me tell you thats one thing I dont like about Swiss is every
single thing is so expensive! But then we had a family night with a
Part member families and it went really well!

Tuesday: We went contacting for a while which is a new thing for me
 and it went really good! And passes
another part member family, who seems really dope! Lets see if we cant
get them all members haha.  But its super foggy here! And cold as
crap!!!!!!!! I freeze my butt off haha. But we also had a lesson with
an amis and stuff in an outer ville which was good and bad one we got
to teach a great lesson on the book of mormon and the retab really
hard testimony and it was such a good felling i felt testifying about
the retab even tho he didnt take it! Ive been using the rubics cube to
teach it when people are not down with it or have confusion it
teaches it very simple but yeah it was good! He dropped us at the end

Wednesday: Passes a lot of members and had a lesson with a member this
week that went really well. He was wondering how he can apply the
atonement to his life and it was super good i love teaching people!
Even if it is members the spirit always helps us learn more in every

Thursday: We had lots of things planned and went to this outer ville

and then all of them fell through and my porting record has been
broken, 5 and a half hours is the new record. It was rough but good. At the
end of the day i felt like sick  hahah i think it was the day
before to because of the cold trying to get used to it but yeah hah.

Friday: My second time giving a blessing in French i didnt give it i
mean just being part of one i guess but yeah we woke up and a soeur in
our ward needed one so we went and gave her one! Then we weekly
planned and passed some more people.

Saturday: More Passing all the members less actives and amis and part
member families i think we had like 4 15 mins rdvs and a family had us
over to eat! So nice!

Sunday: Well we take trains and busses everywhere here and we missed
our train to church and then were like 10 mins late and then the
primary program was today it was super good. Then we had lunch with
our Mission leader for the Branch. Went back to the church for an hour
and then took a train to our Branch Presidents house with our recent
converts it was good! He is the brother of a frere in the ward in Gex!
He made some really good pizza! Such a cool family!

It was a hard week to start out but as the week went on it got better
and better! I thank all of you for all of your help and prayer for me
here on the mission! I couldn't do it without your all! I know. This
mission is changing my life forever!! And I know as i share my
experiences it can change your life as well and i hope that it does!

Love you all i know this Church is true!

> Elder McDaniel
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Monday, December 5, 2016

NJM PDay from Fribourgh Switzerland, December 5, 2016

From: Nicholas J McDaniel <nicholas.mcdaniel@myldsmai
Date: December 5, 2016 at 9:41:40 AM MST

Norbert and Loic!

Norbert's Baptims.

Norbert and his friend that Baptized him.

Norbert and is family!


Nicholas was transferred to Fribourg Switzerland today.
 His new companion is Elder Romero!
Bonjour Everyone!  

I had to say goodbye to the people in Gex, They made me cry!!
I bore my testimony in church and I cried like a little baby like I always do 
haha. I think I have Grandmas problem when she cries all the time! J

To be honest I’m so sad I left Gex. It hurt me pretty hard! But It’s
okay, Im really excited to be here in Fribourg! I’m super scared tho
like I have a pit in my stomach but its gonna be okay! Its pretty cool
not a lot of people say they served in Swiss on their mission and now
I can!

But this week at Norbert’s baptism was so cool! I’ve been waiting for this
moment with Norbert for a long time!!!! It was so cool!!! So we set
the font up and stuff on Saturday and people start to come in and
Norbert and Loïc Thia get dressed and we take some pictures and I’m
just so happy it’s such a cool feeling seeing your amis all dressed in
white it’s such an amazing feeling! And then the baptism happens and we
come back in and Norbert gets up to bare his testimony real quick and
it was so strong he gets up and says something like thanks for all
your help for getting me here and I would like to invite my brothers
to get baptized as well! And the spirit smacked I’m sure everyone's
faces when he said that it was so cool! He’s such a good kid and he’s
getting the priesthood next week and soon the temple! So I’m really
glad for him! 
I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind!
I love the picture that they are in the water! That was right after he
had gone under. He was sin free right at that moment and we have a
picture of it! Man what an amazing photo!

I’m doing good I’m really scared like I said but so excited!    
It’s my first transfer!  

My new companion is Elder Romero.  I don’t know him at all but he seems
 really good.  

Yeah this morning we went over to say goodbye to Natasha and it was
hard for both of us, I’ve come to love these people and she tried to
give me a hug hahah but I told her I can’t and she was really sad.  I
think she knew I couldn't but she said that she really wanted me to
give her one hahah. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone I’ve come to
love Gex.   I hope someday she can get baptized!  

I just want to give a shout out to all the people that help pay for my mission
I know it’s a sacrifice for everyone and I so appreciate it!  I’m so

My testimony has been strengthened from these experiences
this week cause man it taught me to never give up on
him. And that the Lord has a plan for all of his kids and if we act on
the spirit and love the people then he will bless us! And I know that
this baptism will change his life forever! And it’s so amazing to see
this happen two times in my life with Norbert and with Kyler! They are
both such good examples to all of us to be like Christ and really
follow in his steps!

The members is what i will miss the most in Gex. They have come to be
some of my really good friends! 
I love you mom so much I don’t have time to do a group email so if you
want you can take this one and put the stuff you think should go in it
and send it out!

I love you so so so much!
Elder McDaniel

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Elder McDaniel, Elder Loveland, Norbert, Loic!

Elder Loveland, Norbert, Loic, Elder McDaniel

Norbert and Loic!

Saying goodbye to members in Gex!

Saying goodbye to members in Gex!

Saying goodbye to members in Gex!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France, November 28th, 2016

Elder McDaniel, getting ready for the cold. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanks to the Mathis Family

Monday is a Special day it's the day we get ready for Tuesday,
Wednesday,Thursday,FridaySaturday, Sunnndayyy. Hahah if you know the
song I hope you found this funny!

This week was pretty good nothing to cool just that we got our amis
Norbert with a baptismal date for this coming Saturday and his dad
said he'd be there and stuff so nothing to big! I hope you were
reading carefully CAUSE WOW!!! SO COOL!

This was definitely the miracle this week how this all played out! So
this week we met with Norbert and taught him a couple points he
needed in the lessons and it fixed his date and his dad was there to
make sure it was all good and he was totally okay with it! It worked
out just perfect! 

The first week I got here in Gex one of the members
who is a good friend of mine now said if we are going to baptize
someone here it would be him, now 18 weeks later we are doing it! Such
a cool miracle to see and thank you for all your prayers for him and
our amis Natasha! We feel your prayers and they do as well!

Monday: same old same old p day stuff hung out did emails and we had a
dinner appointment with the family cozentino! Super cool family and
they cooked us so super good pizza!

Tuesday: 5 month mark!!!! Wow, I made some cookies, yes I made some
cookies I'm a 5 star Missionary cook now! But we had the goal to pass
all the members we can in our ward and give them cookies and just talk
with them and try to get referrals it's been really good!! And we got
to go eat with the Bolognesi family and share a little message with
there kids, one of them has the same name as me but he spells it
Nicolas so I guess it was fate I have a french name!!

Wednesday: MIRACLE! And a manger vous as a bonus I've never had more
in one week as this!!!

Thursday: happy thanksgiving! We had fajitas at the family jardons for
our thanksgiving hahaha, it was good but not as good as home!

Friday: Real thanksgiving, we went to a family in our ward who is
basically English and they had a realer thanksgiving with turkey and
the whole nine yards! It was good!!

Saturday: we worked at the Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank) from 9:30 to 8 at night
it was really fun but a lot of work haha

Sunday: Church is always great and it was the primary program and
trust me the kids here are just as crazy as the kids there, the only
difference is that they speak french! Hahah gotta love it tho. It will
always be one of my favorite meetings of the year no matter where I am
french or English it's still the best.

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and thank you again for your
continued prayers for Norbert so all will go well on Saturday and
Natasha that she can find comfort in her situation right now! I love
you all!

Love Elder McDaniel

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gez France November 21, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France November 7, 2016

We have Snow!

Snow on the Mountains

Elder Roemer

Bonjour à tous

This weeks email be a little shorter than regular but I wanna share a
little something with you all!

So for our mission at the beginning of the year we have had a goal to
get 250 baptisms, as of right now we have 119 left. For many seeing
this number seeing the number we have left with only 2 months left
seems like an impossible task. I've been think a lot about how are we
going to baptisé this many people by the end of the year and to be
honest it seemed pretty far fetched. 119 that's a lot of people! This
week we had a district meeting and the subject is how we are going to
find and teach and baptize these people. It has been said that
president has unclocked the "unlock all" cheat code, where suppose to
find forever families and the cheat code is Part member families.
President also said this is above all other things we need to be doing
is passing  members getting referrals and finding these part member
families who needs us and are ready right now. 

 One day this week we passed a member and got 6 referrals in one sitting,
 I don't think I've
got that many while I've been here! I'm just saying it's about to go
down in the France Lyon mission you all just wait and see!

 I just wanted to bare you my testimony that I know this goal is possible and
that there are forever families out there waiting for our message! I'm
so lucky to grow up in this gospel to know I can live with my family
forever, and not just my family now but my future family my kids and
their kids all together in the eternities. I know that families are so
important and that when we have our families centered on Christ is
when we will thrive the most. I can't wait it have that with my own
family some day. And I'm so thankful for this family I have in all of
you who support me, you may not think you affect me but I'm here to
tell all of you are part of my family and this journey with me here on
this mission. I love you all and I know THIS church is the true
church. And I promise you if you read the Book of Mormon and pray to
know if it's true with sincerity and really wanting to know if it's
true you will get an answer. I know for some that's scary cause change
is hard, i know ,I'm in France right now, it's not been easy, leaving
all my family and people I love the most, it's not been easy at all.
But I know I'm here because I know this church is true and I want to
share this message of eternal families with everyone. If you haven't
yet my engagement for you is to do so, ask our Heavenly Father if this
church is not true. I may seem bold, and I am being a little but I
have the authority from God who called me as his missionary to be I
know this word is true and I can not deny it. Also smile and wave to
some missionaries this week if you see some, we love seeing happy
smiling people.(: I love you all

Elder McDaniel

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Monday, October 31, 2016

NJM PDAY From Gex France, October 31, 2016 Happy Halloween

New companion, Elder Loveland and Elder McDaniel
Elder Models

His,new suit, but he is too far away to see it!  :)

Which path will you follow?


Hello EVERYONE!!!! 

Sorry for not getting a weekly out last week it was
super crazy with transfers! I'm still here in Gex France but my old companion
Elder Sebra got transferred to Bordeaux ZL! Oh and we got a car!!! So
I had to drive him and Elder Terrlle from St-Genis to Lyon to catch
their trains and stuff so that was fun! And I received Elder Loveland!
Hes super cool! We get along well and he loves football so hey haha. 

But this week I would like to start with our update and Miracle this
week! So when we got back home late Monday night and he was asking
about the area and all the things he would need to know, I straight up
said were gonna have two baptism this transfer, and hes like a bon,
and i said OUI!!!!!     So going on later in the week we were able to talk
with Norbert's dad twice which never has happened ever! And able to
fix a rdv with Norbert so we went over and taught him and I asked
Norbert what is stopping him from being baptized and like what does he
want us to do for him why does he still want to meet with us, and he
said well I don't know to come closer to Christ, and I said exactly!
That's why we're here, and I know the spirit was working through me to
help him remind him of an experience he had at EFY that he knew he
needed to be baptized and he agreed that he did and we have a date set
for him again!!!! After like 8 weeks of waiting we were able to get
back in and teach him and set a date for him! That was such an amazing


Tuesday: We were able to do service today for two different non member
ladies that are so nice! We raked some leafs and moved some furniture!
It was great! To be honest doing service is one of my favorite thing
here on the mission! I love the feeling of being able to help someone
and teach them by my service more than the words I speak but by the
way that I act and the way that I serve with his name on my chest.

Wednesday: We got do do more servie for the Loyauté famille, so the
man was in our ward but he died of cancer a while ago we went to his
funeral like my 1st transfer, and his parents lived with them but his
brother didn't want his parent to be alone so hes moving them with him
wherever he lives i don't know so we were able talk with them and help
them move out!


Friday: We went back and did some service for those ladies again so
sweet and we were actully ale to teach a lesson on tithing and fast
offering and what it is and how it helps us and how it makes us
different than catholics! It was super super good! I also was able to
use my boyhood skill to fix our bike that we are giving to St-Genis
now cause WE HAVE A CAR!!! YAY!!! Hahahaha.

Samedi: We started off the day after studies and stuff with our samedi
sportif which was awesome a lot of people showed up this time and it
was super fun! Eveyone was getting mad cause I'm a lot faster than them
and we were playing frisby and was killing them! Hahahaha! Speed kills
like they say!  After we all went and ate lunch with the members that
came yummy tacos always a nice meal hahaha!
But yeah that's how my week went, I'm excited to see what this transfer
brings! And thank you for all of your prayers for me and all the
missionaries all over the world!!!!

Elder McDaniel

Monday, October 17, 2016

NJM PDAY from Gex France, October 17, 2016

District Meeting in Geneva

 Hello everyone!!!! 

This week has been pretty amazing with much to learn!!! Lets get it started shall we. On Monday night during our planning session at the end of the day we were thinking what goals we wanted to have and what we wanted to plan on doing for the day, so we already knew we were going to be going over to Natasha's and have a lesson with her on her balcony. So we were thinking about what we could do after her lesson at 10. We both wanted to see a miracle and we both Me and Elder Sebra knew if we were willing and worthy just like Ephram Hanks, we would be able to perform these miracles. So we planned a miracle to happen at 5 that day. So we went to the Ville we felt like we should and were doing passes and going by potentials houses to see if we could get in contact with them and teach them or fix another time we could come back but none were answering or talking with us. So we started making our way back to the bus stop not knowing where we should go. Stopping and looking at the bus times we saw we had just a little time left. So we walked down the street looking for people to talk to and there was no one!!! We got to a corner of the street and there were two lady's trying to hang up a big banner and I just kinda asked if they needed help super simple. We got talking with these women and they were super cool and they asked who we were and what we were doing all the way from Utah and California in France. And we just did a by the book Rétab lesson and it went so good! We got done helping them looked down to our watches and it was right in the block we had set to see our miracle. Such a cool thing to experience. God answers our prayer if were willing and worthy to put in the work to find these miracles. Such a cool experience! Then we got to go eat at one of the coolest families I’ve met here in France the Houdin famille. We played marbles with their son it was great. 

Monday: I know it’s kinda selfish but I bought myself a birthday present. I got my first French suit. It’s so dope. For all of those who know me well enough. This stuff is right down my alley! Its so cool. I’m not gonna wear it tell next week tho so you'll all see it next week maybe hahah. 

Tuesday: Miracle!

Wednesday: When in the SERVICE of your fellow men you are in the SERVICE of God. Around lunchtime we got a call from a member in our ward who asked if we could come help him shovel dirt again! I love doing SERVICE I was so up for it! It took like an hour to drive there we shoveled dirt for two hours and drove back just in time for our RCM and our ward council. Our Bishop came gave us an activity we need to plan for the month of November. Us Americans we thought straight to thanksgiving! So were gonna have a French Thanksgiving. We don’t know if which one or both of us are going to be here. We get transfer calls this next Friday so stay tuned! I could be leaving or staying! 

Thursday: District Meeting! Our bus ride to Geneva is getting longer and longer every time it seems like! The first time it took like 45 mins and then an hour and then and hour and a half. Man hahah. I cant complain tho. Going to Geneva is so cool its so beautiful. I think me starting here I take for granted how cool it really is to be this close to Swiss. The main theme of This District meeting was Faith and Following Faithfully the promptings of the spirit to Find our Miracles. Elder Sebra did a very good job teaching. I always find it interesting learning new things every time on topics they talk about pretty often! 

Friday: We had a RDV with Natasha planned today but we couldn't find anyone to come with us to here house to teach her. One super cool and nice thing with the Elders of Saint-Genis living in our Sector is that they can come help us teach when we really really need someone to come with us. We walked there and it was so so cold and raining and windy. Man it is as cold as it gets in Hurricane when its winter and its only Fall!  It’s gonna get cold here in real winter! We got here having a really good personal study preparing for her and super ready for her to get ready for baptism and come to church on Sunday so she can be baptized. But she wasn't home and seeing in the future. She didn’t come to church. One thing that I've found is that people get so close to baptism and then it’s like Satan just works 10000 times harder on them and our progression with them completely stops. Just like Norbert how he was doing great and then kinda just disappeared. But all will be fine in the work of the Lord. 

Saturday: One awesome thing we set up here is a Saturday sportif if you will. We go to the park and play soccer or frisbee or anything we really want with the members and their friends! So we're hoping in the long run they will start inviting their friends more often!! But it's always super fun. We made some cookies for our investigators afterwards also so that was good to drop by and leave those for them. 

Sunday: Another cool opportunity to teach Glaumeire and have the spirit touch her heart and mind it’s so cool to watch happen! And be able to participate! One of our Frères In our ward suggested to me that I could help Norbert with math and he'd let us over to help him. So I asked him and now I'm going to help him with math in french hahaha. Well see how this goes but I'm glad we can actually set something with him and that he was at church with his brother! So that was awesome were gonna get him back on track! I hope I'm here when he gets baptized cause I know it's gonna happen! 
There's my week, thanks for all the love and support from you all! 

Elder McDaniel 

Houdin Famille