Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NJM Pday from Lyon France, November 20th, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hello Everyone....I’m doing really good! I love it here in lyon. Something that I’ve loved that I’ve felt more than ever is that even tho I’m so imperfect and that I make mistakes, no matter how many times God forgives me.  It’s been so amazing to feel that power of the atonement. We studied in our district meeting about the resurrection and how this fact changes everything, so I watched the videos on the gospel library of the final events of Christ’s life. And really watchin them really changed my appreciation for the atonement! And that the resurrection gives us all the opportunity not only just to have a body perfect but the fact that the death doesn’t separate us. Im just so thankful for all of this. I think it’s so amazing. 
Our investigator John Wayne Nelson, he’s doing really good he’s reading the Book of Mormon every day it’s like we’re not even doing anything we’re just here to watch cool miracles happen! 
President and sœur Brown are good we don’t see them very often but they call us sometimes so that’s good, i want to make a pecan pie and I called sœur Brown for some corn syrup cause they don’t sell it here. And she has some cause she gets like a stuff shipped in cause she doesn't like  France stuff very much. They are so awesome!
Elder sweet is really good! He’s one of my best friends! He’s so cool! We get along so well! He said he’s gonna come watch me play football and come to our marriage and everything he’s a really homie! 
Just an invitation for you this next week to take the sacrément differently. Meaning... take it,and when you do leave all your worries and problems there just before you take it and you’ll feel literally free from all these things, I’ve done it and it’s one of the best feelings! I love you all so much, and I’m so thankful for you and the family!  Thanks for all you do for me! I love and miss you all!  Have a great week!
Love Elder McDaniel 

PS  It's getting cold here and I found a jacket in our apartment that an Elder left check out the picture!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NJM Pday from Lyon France, November 13, 2017

Hello mama❤️ 
Im so sorry that i wasnt able to write last week we were so busy with all the new people coming in and we were at the gar all day and my ipad was broken again! But all is well now i got it all taken care of.
Im so glad that you were able to get so much out of stake conference! We had a couple really good conferences lately as well in our stake. It talked about how our faith and the story of the sick women who touched the clothes of Christ and in this story it starts off with a man who asked Christ to heal his daughter who was about to die and on his way there he stopped and the women was healed and if you look at it from his point of view you would be wondering why are you stopping my daughter is about to die and if we don’t hurry she will. In the end they get there and she was dead, and they all started to doubt that it was to late to save her. But then as the story ends he does save her and she was brought back to life. We can learn a lot from this story! Patience, faith, the fact that we much act. So many things you should go read it its in mark:) 
But besides that its great casue me and Elder sweet are staying together this transfer we have lots of cool things going on! The time seems to be going by so fast! It’s crazy i went into my 12 transfer out of 16 only 5 more and 6 months left! It’s so weird! Im doing really well tho! 
Our amis that found us for genealogy is awesome and we have a couple other other ones as well! The work is so amazing!
I love this mission! It’s helped me so much i love it. Man its just so great! 
I love you so much mama! Thank yo for all that you do for me! I'm so grateful for all my family! 
I love you!
Wigity wigity wigity!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

NJM Pday from Lyon France, October 30, 2017

No group Email from Elder McDaniel today, but I'm going to post some of mine! :)  He is doing GREAT!

Im doing really well i had a really good week it was such an amazing week from a miricle that happend this week! So this last week when we were at Church a man came in and asked for us, he wanted to learn a little more about GENEOLOGY because he loved it and he felt a special connection to it. So we fixed an appointment and then we met with him and he told his story on how he didnt know his father casue he died when he was young and he was American. So he did this DNA test to find his family in Texas and how he said how he felt like he had been led the whole time while he was doing it. And we told him about the temple and how this is why he was getting pushed to do all these things with his family so they could be together for forever! It was so powerful!! And then we invited him to be baptized to be prepared to go to the temple for his parents! And hes like well ya this is where i have been pushed by my parents to come and i know thats not random and i believe here is where i can have all of these blessing of eternal families! Wow! Such a cool experience! We were so excited after the appointment! Hahaha
But we have 3 new investigators with baptismal dates one of them is john Wayne the man we taught and then his daughter who is 8 and then another African man named johny!
But i love you so much mama! I hope you never forget that! Thank you so much for all that you do for me! 
Elder McDaniel 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

NJM Pday from Lyon France, October 23, 2017

October 23, 1997 - The BIRTHDAY BOY!  #20 years old! 

Whats up everyone!!!!! I just wanted to thank all of you for all of your birthday wishes!! I am so spoiled by all of you! It’s so cool to experience one more of my birthdays out here in servie of the Lord! I thank every one of you for helping me get here and to become the person that I am today! My first birthday was a more or less than 4 and a half or 5 months out on the mission now over a year out I have been amazed at the change I have seen! I am so grateful for all the friends and family that i have supporting me in all that i do!!! Which is to invite people unto Christ! One thing that I cannot deny is that what I am doing, and what I try to share with those around me is true! And no matter who you are it can help you where your at in your life in one way or anther! I saw this as we had the baptism of Ghislaine in corsica in the ocean! Change is what leads us to our true happiness! I love you all so much and thank you again of all your love and support you give me! 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

NJM PDay from Lyon France, October 16th, 2017

No group email again, but Nicholas is doing great... He said he is working so so hard and trying to be the best missionary he can be.  He loves to be in Lyon in the "Big City" they meet lots of people and get to teach many.   

Friday, October 13, 2017

NJM Pday from Lyon France, October 9, 2017

Hello Mama, 
Im doing really well! I love it here in Lyon its always full of things to do! It’s amazing! I love it and me and Elder sweet are trying to be the best zone leaders ever. We’re just trying to do fun stuff for our zone and have a good time! Lyon is great its really big we take a lot of metros the church is like 50 mins away from us at our apartment but our apartment we are always around other missionaries which is something really cool! And we always have people staying at our house. 

Fun fact about lyon, lyon is the place where film was invented! 

Church was so cool i was able to bear my testimony and make everyone laugh and give a great testimony i think haha! It was good and the members are so cool so thats even better!!! I love it here! Yeah we have lots of new potentials! Finding here is so easy because there are so many people! We find like 2 or more potentials a day just in our free like traveling time. Yeah on pday we went and explored a little and went an saw a zoo and then we also went an played a little football! 

But yeah this week was really good we are always on the run! Tonight we are going to Clermont to go on an exchange with the elders there so that should be some fun! This week something i loved a lot was reviewing the conference talks! We get so much the first time we listen but also so much more the second time i advise you to go and read them cause wow! They are so great! Me and elder sweet were saying wow was this conference good or is it just good becasue we are missionaries! Hahah but its true i love hearing from our leaders who speak the words of the lord. 
I love you so much mama, give my love to everyone.   Im glad we are an eternal family! 
Love Elder McDaniel

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

NJM PDay from LYON France, October 2, 2017

Elder Sweet and Elder McDaniel

Beautiful Lyon

Once again, no group email.... so I'm posting some of mine email!

Hello mama...
Conference was so good! I loved it so much!! We are going to watch the last session today cause it plays way late here! 
Im doing so good I love it here in Lyon, so much to do and so many things to take care of with being a ZL but that’s okay. I love being busy it makes the time go by so fast it’s crazy! Lyon is so big and I love it! And being with Elder sweet is such a blessing! He is one of my best buds here on the Mission and we get along so well! He’s one of my best friends out here and now I get to serve with him! So cool! 
They have something cool here in Lyon since there are so many missionaries here at the Presidents house every last week of the transfer p day we go over there so I’m looking forward to that that should be cool! 
Yeah I had a hard time saying goodbye to them all in Corsica, I cried giving my testimony at church it was really hard.
We have church in a  5 story apartment like building made into a really nice church. It’s super nice. It’s not like back home but it’s better then a hotel room like Corsica  haha. Yeah there are a lot of members like 100 that come I think and there are lots of members in Lyon we are in the port des alpes ward so that’s really cool I haven’t met a lot of people yet but the ones I have are really awesome!

Yeah we live in an apartment that’s not to not to bad! It’s pretty big so that’s good, we have missionaries over all the time sleeping cause we’re in Lyon and there’s so many people coming through so that’s always fun as well! 

But yeah I’m doing really good! It is funny how much more things we do have to worry about as being ZL but it’s so fun I love helping other people and being the big example. I have only been here a few days but I'm love it.   But I’m doing well it’s October and I love it haha! 
I love you so much mama
Wigity wigity wigity 
Elder McDaniel