Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NJM PDay from Bordeaux France May 21, 2018

We went to Lyon last week it was fun to see some buddies from the mish it's weird cause for some that was my last time seeing them on the mission. But besides that we got a challenge from President Brown to teach with 1000 members in mai so that should be fun! He brought all of our transfer in front of the conference and was like what are the legendary missionaires gonna leave us for their legacy haha so that was fun! But besides that it was a good week full and busy we have some good Amis getting really close to baptism so we will see what the lord wants for them these next couple weeks! But all is going well! I am going to work hard and do my best these last few weeks.  time is going by so fast lots to do not enough time.  I love the lord and and i want to make him proud. i will miss the people here.  love you all
Wigity Wigity Wigity 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NJM PDay from Bordeaux France May 1, 2018

Bonjour, πŸ˜Š

I'm doing really good πŸ€—πŸ˜Š I'm getting so pumped and sad and excited and sad again hahah kinda wiggin out that like I come home so soon! And I come home the 5th but in reality the 1st I'll be in Lyon cause there are problΓ¨mes with the trians we have to go into Lyon early so my last couple days will be in Lyon πŸ˜Šme and elder sweet are pumped for that hahah. But besides that I'm doing really well physically mentally spiritually all is going really well. 
My new companion is Liam Thomas he's from Canada and he's in his 11th transfer so like 16 months out on the mish. Hes super cool I love him. I couldn't have asked a better way to finish. 
Still really crazy how the days are counting down we do a Skype in like a week or two and then I'll be getting on a plane coming home! 
Yeah we had some Amis come to church. We found a really cool lady this week and she's really interested to find out who god is and it's amazing she comes from China!! Haha and we have this new amis as well who's had Spanish and he's so dope he came to church and he was meeting the missionaries in Spain when he was there! He said he wants to be baptized when he finishes the book of Mormon! And he reads a lot! 
But this week was really good, we have been able to help our ward mission leader in his cabin and garden again it's funny cause like him and my comp were looking at me to know what do to and how to fix the cabin haha. I'm glad I was raised to work hard and learn how to do these little kinds of things I love it! I was also able to give a blessing to a women who will be getting baptized soon this week actually by the soeurs well its the soeurs Amis. But she comes from Albanian and her her husband and little daughter are being baptized Saturday so that should be great! There is also this woman I was talking to on the bus and she said that she always knew that religion was good for people and how she wants to help kids in school and how she wants to learn  more to help then as well. She wants to be a German speaking teacher. 
He came last Saturday and yeah we had lunch together and talked it was special πŸ˜Š
But besides that I'm loving life. We fly Lyon today for a conference and get back Wednesday and we have lots planned this week so I'm really excited! It's a great fun exciting work that we do as missionaries! I love it. I'm gonna miss it for sure! I love you so much to mom thanks for all you do for me! I am so lucky to have such a good mom! I love you so much! Ooo I heard the priesthood meeting was really good, I asked some members about it! I'm glad dad took Jackson and the boys they get some bonding time with him! I love you mom! ❤😊 I love you ❤❤️Elder McDaniel

Friday, April 20, 2018

NJM Pday from Bordeaux France, April 16, 2018

Hello  ❤❤
We did have a great Sunday! It was a really good one and we had some investigators come! It was great and we got to give a thought in primary two times! 

But I'm doing good doing real good. These last couple of days were weird for me cause I got my last transfer call so that was really weird and then I was thinking about it and I couldn't sleep haha not that I'm scared it's just weird to think I was weirded out cause it feels like I haven't been here a long time but at the same yes haha. I'm really happy and really healthy! But I'm doing good. I'm happy to stay in Bordeaux to finish and sad I finish soon but happy to be going home haha :) 
So my new comp is going to be elder Thomas I don't know him well but I've heard he's really nice and awesome so that's good! 
But our church is pretty good! I love our members they are awesome! And our bishop is really nice and cool as well! It's not as big as back home but it's pretty jig as well. Hahah.
But this week was pretty good. I'm excited to be going into my last transfer! It feels good! It's been a long and short 2 years and it's coming up fast! 
It's a weird feeling really weird! But I'm ready for it. I'll just keep working hard and doing me to the end! I'm pretty proud of all that I've been able to acomplish and become. It's been a good time of reflection for me as well lately! 
It's an amazing work missuoanry work and I'm so glad that I can do it now and have been able to do it these last little while! 
The coolest experience that we had this week was we went and visited this less active member to see how he was doing. He's a return missionary  of 4 years and he went inactive right when he got back. And we were talking with him asking him why and all that and it was a great rΓ©fection for me to see like how Satan attacks always and how lucky I am to have my ideas  straight and plans in place and ready for life ahead of me. Cause far too much return missionarys go home and then go less active or go off the straight and narrow.  but everyone has their own journey, what some learn from some experiences others learn from others.  We are all trying our best to please our Heavenly Father. Thanks to my family for being the best ever and loving me and supporting me though it all! I wouldn't be who I am without you all!  I love you so much!! Elder McDaniel

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NJM Pday from Bourdeaux France, April 9, 2018

Hey EVERYONE πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

I'm doing good!! This week was really busy getting ready for the transfers and we had a baptismal interview in another town far away so we traveled a lot but It was fun and good! 

Transfer is in one week. We get calls this week but we know a week early this transfer so this is my last calls which Is weird! 
Our Amis are good. It's weird here cause like they are doing good but don't progress a lot. It's hard we find new amis but it's the same thing. But we are continuing to work hard and follow the promptings of the spirit! 
We were on a train and we saw a woman and she was reading a book about English so I start talking to her in English and she spoke a little. And then she ended up knowing Mormons and has good friends that she loved but lost contact with, she said that her husband died recently and her son too. And it was just so amazing to be able to testify to her about eternal families and how families are eternal she didn't want to listen to us because it was hard for her and kinda was hard for her spiritually but she just said I hope one day we can be something so much more!   LOVE YOU ALL!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

NJM Pday from Bordeaux France, April 2, 2018

Nicholas is Doing Great.  He is still the Zone Leader which keeps him very busy!! He loves his mission, he only has 64 more days left.  I love how much he has grown spiritually, I love that he is close to the Lord, I can feel it in his letters and see it on his face.  It's what we all strive to do. His mission has gone by so fast for me.  

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! I hope you where all able to have a great day and also have the time to think why this day is so important. I've been thinking about all of you lately and would like to share some inspiring words.
Recently I was studying about forgiveness in the book the miracles of forgiveness. In this book it is president Kimball who give us the wisdom of God. He goes on to speak about how we all can pave our pathway to a righteous happy life. In our way to eternal love we must make choices and pre plan our way back. I love sports like all you know and I love thinking about how before a game you study film you practice the plays and you generally create a gameplan for the first possession of the ball. We all need to study our film and pave our pathway to happiness and in all eternal life! 
And sometimes have our hail merry pass with lots of faith and a miricle happens and you actually catch the pass and win the game in over time. Recently I was able to see a man from his death bed to becoming back to normal in one day. Sick with a brain tumor this man with Faith had his plan set and knew what he wanted and putting his faith to the test with his wife's faith and our faith,  was healed. I know it's true because I've lived it and we can all have similar experiences.  love yall and thank you for all you do.
Have a great day week 
And stay classy Sandiago πŸ˜‰
Elder McDaniel 

 Here is a some of his letter to me. 

Yessss conference was so good! It's so cool cause every time I go into it with many questions and every question that I ask I get and answer its pretty cool! I just keep thinking about the talk that president nelson gave the end of Sunday morning! Wow it was so powerful! I love it how he's basically telling us we have so much more right to the power of God than we think and its like we need to use it! So good! The solem assembly was so cool as well that is the first time for me! 
But I'm doing pretty good! The days seem to go by faster and faster and it's really weird to think the the end is so close! It's petty cool like I've done 90 percent of the mission already. It Seems like yesterday that it was only like 30 percent done. I'm excited in both ways to keep working for 9 more weeks but also to be able to go home! I love missionary work, I love to work hard everyday its such a good feeling to do the lords work. I love you all!  Elder McDaniel.  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

NJM Pday....On his way to Bordeaux France, March 12, 2018

Church Building, I love this!

Another pair of shoes well worn!


New Companion Elder Caramelli from Tahiti

Hey... I have lots of trains today...I'm getting transferred to Bordeaus, I'm on my way to Bordeaux right now well first we go to Montpellier then to Toulouse then Bordeaux. So I left at like 10 and I'll get there at like 4:30 or something like that. It's a weird feeling that I will be finishing in this last town! It's really weird actually! The time is going to go by so fast for me learning the town then it's gonna be the end! But I'm excited what I have to accomplish there. My comp in elder Caramelli and you'll never guess that he is Tahitian as well. Two Tahitians in a row! Pretty cool.  This will be his 3rd transfer in Bordeaux so he'll probably do one with me and then leave and ill get someone to finish me off. It's really weird as a missionary we serve 16 transfers and right now I'm in my 15th. It's really weird to think that the end is so close! But anyways I'm excited! 
But yeah I'm doing good it was sad to leave Lyon! I love a lot of people there and it was hard to leave! But what I love is that in every place I'm at I'm able yo connect with someone and I can't wait to do that in Bordeaux! It's funny cause my trainer Gerret Sebra served here as well. But besides that I'm doing really good, got all my thing in my bags and just chillin in the train. My seat is all alone from the others it's weird being alone! I love my mission, I have learned so much and my love for our Savior has grown so much.  I have such a love for the French people as well.  I love my mission i love that I get to serve and love and teach and help people become closer to our Savior.  Have a great week.  Here are a few pictures. Love you all! Elder McDaniel                                                                                                                                                                                                         March 12, 2018 letter..........
Bonjour......That's true convert baptism are the best! The spirit is always so strong for the baptism of converts. 
  I love about home is that the organization of the church and each ward is so good. For the most part it's so much better than here! The conferences are always good but I find just in general chez nous it's really just more organized how it's suppose to be! 
We have been trying to take it easy for elder Agnie because of his concussion so that's been really different cause I have never had a comp be sick or have to stay in at all really not more than a couple days but now it's been like 2 weeks in a row and then one week when he was sick at the first of the transfer. It's been a different experience  for me there are always things to learn tho even when we don't feel like we are really doing anything but really we are doing a lot contacting or amis and members and trying to most to stay in contact with Everyone and one of our amis is doing really well and like we did even see him a lot in the week just by Skype and messenger it's so cool how much he's been progressing.
This week we had a mission conference with like 60 people there and basically I had to come up with a lunch for 60 people. So that was kinda stressful and then we had to so a skit for the conference as well and my comp is suppose to take it easy because of his concussion like not thinking to much and we had to do transfer recommendations all alone and it was just really busy really really really busy. Haha and the sisters were support to help us but didn't even do anything. But it's all good I got it done and it ended up good and everyone was happy haha they were complaining at first cause it was sandwiches but they were really good we had a lot of stuff! Also this week I was translating in sacrament for the testimonies and the member that her husband is the miracle man got up and looked straight at me and thanked us for being like the only people to go help him and help her. It was powerful and also sad cause we have been the only people in our whole ward to go visit him. But WOW every time i see him it's like WOW it's so powerful the last time we saw him asked me to give him a  blessing and after we had some other elders with us and they were like wow we have never felt the spirit so strong before it's so powerful. For sure the most spiritual thing I have experienced here in Lyon maybe on my whole mission. All these experiences and challenges help us and guide us and make us better I know that.  It's hard sometimes but it's all worth it.  
Then today we went and played basketball at president browns house and I dunked it playing dunk ball and shattered the backboard. Haha it was a hard one haha it was pretty cool tho I've never done that before! I feel bad that I broke it tho.  
But yeah that was my week mama! We find out where I go thus week on Friday I'll let you know!  I'm excited to see what happens! I love you lots mom, please send my love to everyone.  I miss them all, I love my family so much.   Wigity wigity wigity!