Saturday, March 17, 2018

NJM Pday....On his way to Bordeaux France, March 12, 2018

Church Building, I love this!

Another pair of shoes well worn!


New Companion Elder Caramelli from Tahiti

Hey... I have lots of trains today...I'm getting transferred to Bordeaus, I'm on my way to Bordeaux right now well first we go to Montpellier then to Toulouse then Bordeaux. So I left at like 10 and I'll get there at like 4:30 or something like that. It's a weird feeling that I will be finishing in this last town! It's really weird actually! The time is going to go by so fast for me learning the town then it's gonna be the end! But I'm excited what I have to accomplish there. My comp in elder Caramelli and you'll never guess that he is Tahitian as well. Two Tahitians in a row! Pretty cool.  This will be his 3rd transfer in Bordeaux so he'll probably do one with me and then leave and ill get someone to finish me off. It's really weird as a missionary we serve 16 transfers and right now I'm in my 15th. It's really weird to think that the end is so close! But anyways I'm excited! 
But yeah I'm doing good it was sad to leave Lyon! I love a lot of people there and it was hard to leave! But what I love is that in every place I'm at I'm able yo connect with someone and I can't wait to do that in Bordeaux! It's funny cause my trainer Gerret Sebra served here as well. But besides that I'm doing really good, got all my thing in my bags and just chillin in the train. My seat is all alone from the others it's weird being alone! I love my mission, I have learned so much and my love for our Savior has grown so much.  I have such a love for the French people as well.  I love my mission i love that I get to serve and love and teach and help people become closer to our Savior.  Have a great week.  Here are a few pictures. Love you all! Elder McDaniel                                                                                                                                                                                                         March 12, 2018 letter..........
Bonjour......That's true convert baptism are the best! The spirit is always so strong for the baptism of converts. 
  I love about home is that the organization of the church and each ward is so good. For the most part it's so much better than here! The conferences are always good but I find just in general chez nous it's really just more organized how it's suppose to be! 
We have been trying to take it easy for elder Agnie because of his concussion so that's been really different cause I have never had a comp be sick or have to stay in at all really not more than a couple days but now it's been like 2 weeks in a row and then one week when he was sick at the first of the transfer. It's been a different experience  for me there are always things to learn tho even when we don't feel like we are really doing anything but really we are doing a lot contacting or amis and members and trying to most to stay in contact with Everyone and one of our amis is doing really well and like we did even see him a lot in the week just by Skype and messenger it's so cool how much he's been progressing.
This week we had a mission conference with like 60 people there and basically I had to come up with a lunch for 60 people. So that was kinda stressful and then we had to so a skit for the conference as well and my comp is suppose to take it easy because of his concussion like not thinking to much and we had to do transfer recommendations all alone and it was just really busy really really really busy. Haha and the sisters were support to help us but didn't even do anything. But it's all good I got it done and it ended up good and everyone was happy haha they were complaining at first cause it was sandwiches but they were really good we had a lot of stuff! Also this week I was translating in sacrament for the testimonies and the member that her husband is the miracle man got up and looked straight at me and thanked us for being like the only people to go help him and help her. It was powerful and also sad cause we have been the only people in our whole ward to go visit him. But WOW every time i see him it's like WOW it's so powerful the last time we saw him asked me to give him a  blessing and after we had some other elders with us and they were like wow we have never felt the spirit so strong before it's so powerful. For sure the most spiritual thing I have experienced here in Lyon maybe on my whole mission. All these experiences and challenges help us and guide us and make us better I know that.  It's hard sometimes but it's all worth it.  
Then today we went and played basketball at president browns house and I dunked it playing dunk ball and shattered the backboard. Haha it was a hard one haha it was pretty cool tho I've never done that before! I feel bad that I broke it tho.  
But yeah that was my week mama! We find out where I go thus week on Friday I'll let you know!  I'm excited to see what happens! I love you lots mom, please send my love to everyone.  I miss them all, I love my family so much.   Wigity wigity wigity! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France February 26,2018

The Miracle

Nicholas' companion got a concussion. 

The Miracle!

So ive been putting off on writing this but i will do it in more detail later on! I wrote it in my journal but i just wanted to share just a little bit!
So when I first got here in Lyon France we had a man who got really sick in our ward and he ended up having brain cancer and they said that he would never talk and never walk again because half of his body was paralyzed. This all happened the first two transfers that I was here in Lyon.  For those 12 weeks he was staying the same. We went and gave him a blessing me and Elder Sweet and we both gave him one at two different times.  Then after another few weeks we had exchanges and me and Elder Agnie went and gave him another one,   and he was about to die. Well....One week he just was asleep and felt like he needed to get out of his bed so this man who was paralyzed got and stood up!!!!!!!  Then he felt like he needed to talk, and he just spoke, he hadn't been speaking  for over 4 months and he was paralyzed for 4 months and he stood up and now he walks and talks just like nothing has happened. It was such a cool experience to be apart of! I will never forget this man and his wife ever. This is the kind of miracles that Christ did, and I was able to witness it first hand!  I love you all... Elder McDaniel.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France, February 19, 2018

Nicholas is doing so good in Lyon, he is loving the French people, he loves helping others become closer to Christ.  He only has 105 days left,  he has mixed emotions about coming home.  He will miss the wonderful people in France, the experiences he has had and the Love he has felt.  

I had a big miracle that has happened since i have been here.  i
will write it out and send it later cause its really long its a long
story but its so powerful i think! I was really touched.
I'll write it up soon! I got back into writing in my journal
latley as well which I has been good! I think back and wow so many
cool things i have learned and seen and wow! The mission is so cool!
. There is so many things to do with missionary work!  
We have an amis named Dayo who is Nigerian and he's doing really well he comes to church and love the lessons. Africans in general are so believing I love them.   The Tahitian family that we are doing are doing good also.  
 Nothing to crazy this week with experiences but just so grateful for the atonement I've been reading a book and it's about the atonement and how we can be forgiven. And I love it I realize that I have a lot of work to do but little by little we attain greatness,and perfection. I'm far from it but im trying to be better. 
Love you all, Elder McDaniel

Thursday, February 1, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France January 29, 2018

No group letter from Nicholas this week, he is doing so good and he gets to stay in Lyon for another transfer with Elder Agnie.  We are love and miss him so much!   

Hi Mom!
Well I guess like you have assumed I’m staying here in LYON!! WOW my
first time staying 6 months in one place! But I think it makes it
perfect for me to go and finish In Gex hehehe! But I’m excited to stay
here with Elder Agnie again for another one! Today we are at the Gare
“train station” for the whole day and then we take care of the
trainers so we busy busy busy! But I’m super pumped to stay. We have a
lot of good things coming this transfer! We also should be having a
baptism or two so that’s good it’s a part member family that are
Tahitian and their son wants to be baptized who is 10 and the mom
wants to maybe as well so we will see with her! Something that was
really powerful we were over at their house and the father is a member
and he has been less active for a long time and is just coming back
and we were talking about his wife and if she was ready to be baptized
and he was like I feel like she is ready and he started crying and was
like wow I felt the spirit touch me and I felt this warm feeling in my
shoulders! It was so powerful! It helped me see as well that I wanna
do as much as I can to stay strong in the church with my wife and my
family! But yeah I’m doing good I'm really excited! I love you tons mama!
Wigity wigity wigity

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France, January 22, 2018

Elder Agnie (from Tahiti) and Elder McDaniel

No GROUP email again this week but we received lots of great pictures.  Nicholas is doing so good. and loving his mission.  He only has 133 days left, it's gone by so fast.  So many blessing we have gotten from him serving the Lord.  I am so grateful for him.   I am posting part of my letter. 

Hey MoM!
Im glad that it’s raining back home, these last couple months I
haven’t seen the sun and it’s so crazy! Im miss the sun.
 But I’m thankful for the rain cause I know it’s so important!
Im doing really good, good news there was a missionary in Gex and he
got called to office elder so that means there is a spot left open for
me to fill there haha! Im really excited to see what happens Friday
Even if I don't serve there again i will be happy anywhere, but there is a possibility. ha ha
It’s time to loose some weight before I come home haha.
Elder Agnie is good we are doing well it’s our last week of the
transfer so we will se what happens I’ll let you know! It’s this
Friday when we get our calls but besides that the work is going really
good and our amis are doing really good! Yeah John Wayne came to
church and has been for the last couple weeks we were in class today
and he just was sharing with everyone it was really cool! He’s
awesome! The only thing is is that he isn’t married! But hey mom I’ll
write you more latter! We haven’t had much time only like 15 mins and
now we gotta go to our members house so I’ll write you some time soon!

Hello again! But yeah I’m doing good! We just have been so busy latley
 We had zone conference last week and
we had to plan everything for that and then as well we had to do
transfer recommendations of all the people in our zone so that took
forever to! But all is well, and I love the work.   Can you belive that I'm going
into my last 3 transfers is really weird! It’s gonna pass by so fast!
😝 im just happy I love being a missionary and serving and loving the french people.
:) And oh
yeah your question about John Wayne he is like 50 he has a kid that is
28 or something like that and 19 and 14 and 9 and 2:)haha he seems
younger tho he’s pretty great that will be sad to leave before his
baptism:( but im glad I got to here his story and help him at least a
little bit!
His books name is " i found my dad in Texas". That’s what it is called i
don’t know if you will be able to find it but viola.  Im glad
that jackson loves you with his jackoson baby love. Its funny cause i
feel like all three of us have that attribute i wonder where we got
it! Our MAMA!haha i love you so much mom! Love Elder McDaniel

Thursday, January 18, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France January 15, 2018

Nicholas and Elder Agnie singing "I Am A Child Of God" in French for me! It was the sweetest ever. 
 I took a picture of the video to post. 

Hello mama!!!!
I know its crazy this week for us is a crazy week i dont know how
we’re gonna get all the stuff we need to get done!
Haha i miss the primary singing time! It’s was always the best! I hope
to serve in the primary thats where its at!!! Even tho kids can be
really crazy sometimes, its okay we love them! They are so innocent!
How is my man jackson doing? I miss him a lot! A really lot!
Its so crazy that caitlyn is in the Ukraine! That’s
pretty Intense!  We are pretty close only an hour time zone apart. 
Things are doing really well! I think the highlight of my week was
when john Wayne came to church and he brought his daughter who is 8 and
a half:) and then she said that she had been reading the Book of
Mormon as well with him! What an amazing thing! They both will be
baptized really sooon! It’s so awesome how God just puts people who
are so ready for this gospel in our path! And its not just him this
will effect but his whole family!
It’s a big testimony to me that God really watches over us! It’s
pretty funny cause ive seen a common patten in my towns we serve in we
usually get a baptism the last week im here or the week after i left
in one area! So well see if he is ready by then! His date is the 27
which is the Saturday before the transfers. Well see if i leave or
not! I wanna go to Gex so bad!!! So so so bad, but I will be happy wherever I go. 

Everything is going well i bought my last white shirt and
shoes and belt and suit before i get home and it was really cheap!
Less than 100! They are on super sales right now! So i needed to take
advantage!! I wanna thank
you and the family for all the things you email and send me! They really do help me! YOUR
THE BEST MOM EVER, I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER! ! Im really lucky! I LOve you so
much mama!
Elder McDaniel
Love you!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

NJM Pday from Lyon France, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year - 2018 - Bonne Annee - 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

At Church

No Group Email so I'm posting some of my email!  

 It’s weird to think a week ago we talked! It went by to fast! And now its 2018 and thats really weird! This week was really good! It seemed to go by so fast! We always have so much to do so thats really good! We were able to go to a member house this afternoon and last night for the New Years so that was good! And then during the week we were able to talk with John and hes doing really good and hes reading up in the Book of Mormon still so that was really good! Church was really good as well! It’s just been a pretty solid week. It’s so weird to me that its 2018 and like wow! So crazy! This year has a lot in store for it! Im excited! We’re already in the week 3 of our transfer and like this week is full of stuff to do and we are finding some really cool people to teach and its great! 
By the way my comp is really good! Hes a hard worker and really nice and we are actually really similar so that’s really good! 
Yesterday was pretty cool cause a member invited and gave us one of her friends to teach and thats the first person that has done that for us since ive been here! The members are great but hey dont really give us any people to teach like their amis and our ward is a little lazy. Like i havent had a ward council sense ive been here which is pretty weird and our bishopric are not very motivated in the sense of missionary work but were working with them! 
But besides that all is well! It was cute i got some letters from the young woman’s in our ward which was really cool! They are so nice! I plan on writing them back some time soon! 
Besides that all is well mama! 
I love you lots its good to hear that its going good back home! WOW Sydney is engaged! That’s so exciting! I bet she is so happy! That makes me really happy for her! You’ll have to send them my love at their wedding and all that stuff!  They are cute
I love you mama!
ELder McDaniel